BBFC Critcizes Sex And Swearing In Video Games,Uses Unbelievable Logic

Jim Sterling Writes:

"The British Board of Film Classification, that smug and faceless organization that controls Britain's media viewing and is still fighting for sole rights to rate videogames, has warned Sky News that sexual content in videogames is on the rise.
"On the whole, sexual activity in games is nowhere near as common as violence, but it is becoming more common," said board member Sue Clark. This follows research which states that 74% of British parents want an independent review board to rate games, while 79% of them believe "

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SinnedNogara3520d ago

She is a retard. Of course we can rewind. I am currently trying to beat Star Fox Adventures and I can't go back to any parts in the game. She should be fired and sent to work at Wal-Mart where she can learn!

SpoonyRedMage3519d ago

What's she on?

But she's right that it's on the rise, I think developers are pushing it too quick, how long did it take film to become like they are today in standards.

Rockstar need to calm it down a bit, I think they're the worst. Sure you can do mature games but it gets gratuitious some times.