EA not waiting for Nintendo

EA shipping Motion Plus compatible games before Nintendo releases Motion Plus?
EA had something to say about this.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3521d ago

Do gamers even really care if that thing is released?

Heck, does Nintendo really going to release it, I mean it is been quite a while and I haven't heard jack squat about it since I can't remember. I was wondering if they were going to release it seeing how they were to busy releasing crapware and repackaged controllers i.e. the GameCube Classic Controller for the Wii....

Product3521d ago

You really think that gamers dont want 1:1 in games?

IdleLeeSiuLung3521d ago

My point is that I have barely heard about the darn thing and that I have not heard gamers go, man I wish the motion plus is coming soon....

I suspect the Motion Plus is not going to be 1:1. Have you heard/read otherwise?

Product3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Here ill give you some info:

First Wii Sports Resort and Motion Plus are Nintendo products meaning unlike Microsoft or Sony they dont hint or update anything until things are just about released.Look to GDC in March for more info which i think they will talk about more.

Then IGN interviewed the people who created the tech inside Motion +. Here is the snippet of the interview that answers your question.

"IGN: Does the Wii Motion Plus provide absolutely true 1:1 movement, or is that even possible with today's technology?

Virginia: Well it's certainly possible with the technology we're offering them, in combination with other sensors. We're not the exclusive sensor provider. There is the accelerometer and the sensor bar. The combination of everything together will provide true 1:1 gaming. Nintendo is able to offer six degrees of freedom. If you imagine an X, Y, Z frame. Now imagine it's not just up down left right, back forth, but also rotation. That's the maximum amount of motion that can ever be tracked. "

If that isnt enough here is a video from the creators showing off the Motion + tech

Youll notice how delayed the remote is when just the accelerometer is on, then watch when the gryoscope and accelerometer is on(represented by a sword) and its 1:1 without delay.

If incorporated correctly into games this tech will solve all problems anyone has with motion in wii games.

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N4g_null3522d ago

Hmmmm weird... I think EA is in the dark on this one. the date for motion+ has been set for a while or at least the quarter. If it is pushed back then they are fixing some of the other things then like location drift. I'm wondering also after seeing that cool Wiimote by nyko could nintendo be making a pro-version of their Wii remote will completely mappable buttons!?

Also the addition of one more IR sensor or possibly a better sensor like a Z camera could come with the new motion+ set up since they are playing with that stuff on the DSi.

I mean you can't go wrong then.... you can fix the drift with the z camera actually.

I really hope the next Wii comes with this set up. IR are cool when there is not sun rays bouncing but Z cams should be used with this tech also. It would be a great move for nintendo and hey if it cost more then cool give us a free copy of new super mario bros for the Wii! Make it crazy hard also! Why would motion+ need this game... simple it wouldn't but that game along could make more hardcore gamers than the next HD AAA game of the year.

N4g_null3521d ago

You never heard of z cameras? They measure on the x and y axis along with depth which would be the Z axis. Some thing like that could recalibrate the gyro for the drift problem.

There was even talk that it would replace the Wii mote but the funny thing is the Z camera is mostly software. The funny thing is this also uses IR light to find the depth of things.

Check it out at the link above.

Seriously all you need is infer red light and some thing to track that depth with... You only need that color also which should drop the price.

The fanboys fights are rooting your brain man... just kidding!

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Shnazzyone3521d ago

seeing as nintendo probably only just gave them something to work with for motion+ then i'd assume this says alot about how much time EA spends making a game... lazy pricks. motion+ shovelware ahoy

Voiceofreason3521d ago

M+ kits went out around Oct of last year, any company that has wanted to start using it has had a lot of time to do so.

Product3521d ago

i hope we see it before june, prolly be talked about at GDC next month