Halo Mythic Map pack releases, global recession just got worse

Console Monster writes: "The Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack is now available with limited edition copies of Halo Wars, released today, but what you may not know is that the content has reached the Xbox Live Marketplace. The price of the content is 99,999 Microsoft Points, equivalent to about £82,999.17 (it took a lot of fingers to work out). Once you have the funds, there is the slight problem of not being able to purchase the content as the following error occurs: "This offer is not valid in your region, or it has expired."

The only way of obtaining the Mythic Map pack early is to buy the limited edition of Halo Wars, competitions on the Internet or waiting for the official release in a few weeks. It has also been revealed the Mythic Map pack, along with others, will come bundled with Halo: ODST - releasing in Autumn. The content appears to have been on the Marketplace a few weeks now, originally releasing on the 11th February. It weighs in at 328 MB..."


It appears Microsoft realised their error and changed the release date to 1/1/0001, as well as changing the price. Fortunately for us, the content is now free exclusively to Xbox Live Gold members. This appears to be yet another mistake by Microsoft so make the most of it.

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WOW WTF, it just turned free

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noone was going to purchase that steaming pile......of goodness

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