GDC: What's going on with Nintendo?

Sony has shined brighter than any of its rivals at GDC so far. And that's a fact. Even though Shigeru Miyamoto is giving a keynote speech later on tonight (GMT time), the Big N's presence seems to be lacking any major surprises or revelations.

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PS360WII4640d ago

June 4th! I've been waiting for awhile for the DS browser to come to the states. Not a bad line up just what I would expect from a console 4 months old.

calderra4639d ago

"Sony has shined brighter than any of its rivals at GDC so far. And that's a fact."
^^Biased much?

eclipsegryph4639d ago

I don't think it's bias so much as an informed opinion. No other news from the GDC so far has generated as much buzz as PS3 Home and LittleBigPlanet.

Maybe Nintendo has an ace up their sleeve for this con, but I'm guessing not.

eclipsegryph4639d ago

"For Wii Nintendo is serving up in-development versions of Big Brain Academy, Mario Strikers Charged, Super Paper Mario and Pokémon Battle Revolution. Unfortunately there's a lack of anything Metroid or Mario related."

Now I know that the writer intended that last sentence to mean that there was nothing heard about the new Mario Galaxies game, but it just seemed a bit sloppy to have that in there after mentioning two Mario themed games not five words before.

BoneMagnus4639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

Nintendo has top notch first party games - Zelda, Metroid, Mario, but you will wait forever between these titles and third-party is terrible(multi-platform games), as are most third-party Nintendo exclusive games. (RE4 is the big exception - though it went to the PS2 eventually)

If you buy a Wii to do anything other than play Nintendo's first-party games, you will be disappointed.

If you must play these games, and I'm one of those who must, wait until there are a handful out(about 3 years from now) and then buy the system.

eclipsegryph4639d ago

That really depends on your personal definition of "terrible", however. You say bad, I say good. I say awful, you say great. You think there's not many good third party games coming in, and I disagree. At least it keeps the future exciting. :)

BoneMagnus4639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

Look, so far, the Far Cries, Red Steels and others have not done well critically. Go to, and you'll see that other than Zelda, most games are average at best for the system and the multiplatform titles are getting poor reviews. Now, I know reviews are not everything...yada...yada...yad a

I do hope that future games really turn out well. I certainly don't want to see Nintendo fail - and though the Wii is selling very well right now, once the novelty wears off, there had better be some solid titles to play or it could get ugly.

I'm hoping that this first batch was just that - the first batch, and we'll start seeing some titles that are more than just playing off the Wii controller as a gimmick, because it is not.

I'm just waiting for if and when the genius of the Wii is realized. The potential is there - no doubt. I just don't get too excited about things until the final retail version is on store shelves and the hype has been met. My skepticism saves me disappointment. Yes, at times, I'm sure it is a personal liability.

Violater4639d ago

Mario is the hardest working guy over at Nintendo.
I cant wait to see how they will wow the crowd today.

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