Mortal Online: New Playable Race Announced

Mortal Online has given players a glimpse, literally, of a new playable class - the Kallard.

There's no information yet, just a screen shot showing some sort of northern, fur-wearing, bearded, axe-wielding barbarian.

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Maticus3522d ago

Really looking forward to this game, I think it has a lot of potential.

Medievaldragon3522d ago

This viking-like race looks neat. However, I'm curious that it has 3 weapons. Is it a dual-wielder, or stores three weapons and use one at a time?

On his hand he has an axe. On his back you can clearly see the hilt of a sword. And attached to the belt you can see a knife.

Alexious3522d ago

Stay tuned for some exclusive updates with the developers.