PS3 Price Drop To Coincide With Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?

Now that we've laid eyes on Uncharted 2, and have concluded that yes, it's the prettiest console game we've ever seen, we're wondering if the game's super anticipated launch later this year might coincide with a PlayStation 3 price reduction.


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ape0073612d ago

that makes sence

sony should advertise and market the hell out of it

kwicksandz3612d ago

Im not sure they remember how to advertise a game sucessfully. Killzone 2 deserved a halo 3 scale add campaign.

boodybandit3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

I have yet to see a Killzone 2 commercial. I have seen several MLB 09 The Show commercials (funny btw) but no KZ2 adds yet. It's a shame because the game is amazing.

I know they exist because a few friends of mine have seen a couple but the networks should be flooded with them.

Buttons3612d ago

That's quite late for a price drop. Why not price drop to coincide with Infamous, which actually needs the super hype?

ThanatosDMC3612d ago

Uncharted 2 would be great for a price drop... The bundled console will have Uncharted 1 then you advertise Uncharted 2 everywhere!

ravinash3611d ago

I'm on Holiday in New Zealand at the moment.
So far I've seen ads on bus stops and an ad on TV today.
So if their paying to advertise here...I'd hope they advertise else where.

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aggh im on fire3612d ago

I would have thought a price cut for Killzone2's launch would have made more sense. Its probably there biggest game of the year and with a price cut bundle and ads it could have been massive this month for Sony. Im sure they will still have a good month but im still hearing people say they want to play Killzone2 but can't afford the ps3.
I can't see a price cut coming now until July onwards.

PirateThom3612d ago

Maybe cause Killzone is the biggest game of the year, they see no reason to cut the price. If people want to play, they'll pay full price, but they'll also go back to it once the PS3 drops on price.

Cajun Chicken3612d ago

Quite, Quite possible. Bear in mind that Eyepet is supposed to come out in the timeframe of Uncharted 2 too.

SRuN43612d ago

Price drop needs to happen sooner rather than later.

3612d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.