5 reasons why PC gaming ain't dead

PC gaming may no longer be the dominant force in the gaming industry, but it is far from dead. This article looks at the top five reasons why PC gaming will be around for a long time.

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slinkey1233523d ago

PC gaming will never die.. Just like it didnt die last gen lol.

Rock Bottom3523d ago

People are still playing PC games.

animalia853523d ago

the one thing I do want from pc is the mods. those are so cool and add so much replay value.

Heldrasil3523d ago

I have fond memories of mods for the original Half Life and original Unreal Tournament. I will agree with on this point! Mods' and total conversions add great value.

Gamerstek3523d ago

In my opinion the PC games will never die. It's almost impossible! The videogames was born from PC, but I agree that the game consoles are getting advantage, because some gamers think that PC= work and game consoles= pure gaming. Somehow is true, but not completely. I still love to play on computers!

Heldrasil3523d ago

What was the first video game? I believe it was Pong...a big ugly console, not a PC. The first PC games I ever played were text adventures like Zork...maybe Akalabeth with it's 4 color glory.

TheIneffableBob3523d ago

As long as computers exist, computer games will exist. Retail sales in the U.S. may be down (as a result of a shift towards digital distribution), but, worldwide, PC gaming--and gaming in general--is continuing to grow.

BlindBandit3523d ago

PC is like the Wii, it's out there & selling good but it has no games. that how PC is, it has no more games anymore & end as a super crappy port.

Boom3523d ago

How can you say that?

PC has plenty of great games, it's not the PC that is receiving super crappy ports, but it's the consoles.

If you've ever played Call of Duty 4 on the 360/PS3, then play it on the PC, your mind will be blown from the difference.

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