NowGamer: Terminator Salvation Preview


"While the two productions are running in parallel, the Terminator Salvation game is actually slated for release two weeks after the 22 May cinema release date. It's appropriate considering it gives fans time to see the film first, and that the videogame is a prequel, set in 2016, two years before the events in the film. Cos tells us that the movie takes a lot for granted, that it's assumed the viewer has hindsight into the characters' relationships and certain scenes. The game sews this all up, explaining what has made the tenacious John Connor the man he is in the film and detailing his rise through the ranks of the resistance to the point where the movie takes over. "You think you know what's going to happen in the future by the end of Terminator 3," Cos told us, "then the apocalypse happens and it all goes pearshaped."

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