The quality of contemporary games


"The PLAY crew recently received a batch of 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand. We each got one and I dutifully took mine home and shoved it into my big black happy box expecting more than a few giggles, but little else. While those giggles were present and regular, what struck me about the game was that it was bloody good fun. How can this be? If massive, triple A titles fail me in the way, say Assassin's Creed did, how can the likes of 50 Cent tickle my fancy? While I'm well known in the office for my unique and misguided love of more obscure titles, this feeling seems to be occurring to my fellow writers across numerous magazines.UFC is doing the same thing."

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TomMcBaum3519d ago

...maybe you have that type of bad taste where "bad tastes good." That 50 Cent game is crap on so many levels, starting with the appallingly stupid "$10 million dollar diamond-encrusted skull" premise.

PirateThom3519d ago

A game doesn't need to be "media and fanboy imposed AAA" to be fun.

Mercs 2 was the same. The graphics were crap, the game was pretty broken, it sucked in single player, but in co-op it was pure fun. I think a lot of people forget they're allowed to enjoy games, even if they're not critically acclaimed.