GreenPixels: Noby Noby Boy Review


"So, what is exactly Noby Noby Boy? It's hard to even file it under a traditional game genre: it's not a puzzle game because there is nothing to solve, but it's not a casual game because it lacks the immediate sense of reward that comes from achieving simple, quick goals. The game almost exclusively uses the analog sticks and trigger buttons, so its controls are hard to grasp and the camera is not very accurate. This, however, doesn't constitute a major concern, since there's absolutely no way to fail or succeed. If Noby Noby Boy was marketed as an "interactive screensaver," I must admit I would be more inclined toward appreciating it for what it does -- filling five minutes of your time with a soothing smile. Considering the fact that it comes for a very small fee -- just five bucks -- Noby Noby Boy may be worth downloading to see for yourself whether you'll love it or hate it. As for me, I'm going back to Katamari Damacy."

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