Why I won't be playing Killzone 2 anytime soon


"Are you all enjoying Killzone 2? Good, I'm glad, but I'm afraid I won't be joining you all. A few things have conspired to persuade me to wait at least a month before playing the game"

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tordavis3518d ago

I hear you man. I have that same problem. I just bought Star Ocean 4 and have been getting Killzowned for 3 days. Tons of stuff left to finish including Sword Of Berserk and Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast.

WildArmed3518d ago

To me it seemed like a publicity stunt.. since why did we started needing articles telling us why someone IN his mind isn't getting a game.
K2 has qutie an infamous name, so he is gonna get some hits.

I was HOPING that he has a better reason, but it seems he wants hits but doesnt want any fanboys mad at him.. so he makes a crappy reason for not buying the game.

TheTwelve3518d ago

"Why I hate Little Big Planet"

"Why I won't be playing Killzone 2"

Prepare for what's next:

"Why God of War 3 doesn't feel right"


"Why I think Uncharted 1 is better than Uncharted 2"

You have to understand, guys, that there are certain games that are so good, even being negative about them brings loads of attention. Pathetic writers have to use this tactic to survive and stay relevant.


Real Gambler3518d ago

But now, I had to read the oppinion of somebody who's not getting the game because he has too many unfinished ones! Dang, everything get approved now on News 4 Gamers...

Next big news: Why I bought a slice of baloney instead of game X. I guess it's still better than someone going for: Why I kept the same underwear for one week? Very, very sad when you come here for news and you get stuff like that.

ericnellie3518d ago

This article was definitely written by a guy who's very insecure about himself and the world around him! He may actually have trouble calling himself a man...LOL!

It's just one person's opinion - I'm still buying it today!!!

JD_Shadow3518d ago

No one told you you had to CLICK the link, you know?

3518d ago
Trollimite3518d ago

WHY not name the article "i wont be playing street fighter4 any time soon" or "i wont be playing any new games any time soon"

obviously trying to generate hits. dont click

Milky Joe3518d ago

His reasons are fair enough I suppose. It's just, having completed KZ already and had enough time with the online to know that it is as smooth as Vaseline coated silk, his reasons aren't valid. Apart from the 'too many other games' one, that still applies.

Basically, it's amazing, the online runs brilliantly, the single player is superb and all together, 90% of the gaming media were bang on with the scores they gave.

ActionBastard3518d ago

Quick! Someone write up how some games take precedence over others. I would, but I'm too busy playing my Sega CD just for spite. I'm a maverick and mavericks go against the grain.

Danja3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

so when the 360 was getting all these great games....I didn't see an article about why we shouldn't buy Mass Effect because ppl are still playing Halo 3..or Bioshock or Forza 2...

plz he was never gonna buy the game in the 1st place....and for you Tor have been showing how biased you are recently I wanna see u call anyone on this site a fanboy...

why would u encourage ppl to not support a great game because they haven't finished older games....u haven't finished Sonic....dude u had years to finish that damn game...Dreamcast been dead for almost 9 years

im planning on playing SO4 also...while playing KZ2...u guys are pathetic....

why did u buy a 360 even though u knew the chances are high it would crap out on you..???? so why the double standard for hurts the game lived up to the hype..I understand

Beardown823518d ago

What a pointless article to be posting. I don't want to hear your inner monologue about why you don't want to buy a game...yet. Your article should be titled, "How to get people to click on your article and waste their time."

Yipee Bog3518d ago

there are no server issues, not finishing games is not Killzone's fault, and the hype is justified. Bad excuses, just go get it.

P.S I'm actually impressed how well the game plays online. No lag, no connection issues. I guess the beta I was in actually went to good use

WildArmed3518d ago

The beta itself barely had any issues.. (atleast phase 3)
phase 2 and 1 had a fair share of em.
But I didnt notice anything in the last phase. but i beleive they've changed the multiplayer from the beta abit, cant wait to test it out 2night... hopefully

Agent VX3518d ago

I have played the demo, and so far the game is very good. But there is no way, what so ever, that I will get into this game because of one simple reason. Empire: Total War is being released next week, and all games will have to suffer greatly.

I still haven't finished Fallout 3, getting close, but as soon as Empire is released, Fallout 3 as all other games will collect dust for months.

Killzone 2 will eventually get a play, just not anytime soon.

Beast_Master3518d ago

I think I am actually dumber after reading this article.

You won't be playing because alot of people will be playing?

Darn it! I just lost more brain cells just trying to reason the stupidity in that argument.

IcarusOne3518d ago

And they echo my own feelings about the game. If it weren't for Sony fanboys, I would have pre-ordered this, but I didn't. If it weren't for Sony fanboys, I would rush out tomorrow and buy it, but I won't. Instead I will bide my time, continuing TLAD until I'm satisfied I once again own Liberty City. I will keep revisiting Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (a game that is just as important today as when it released 5 years ago) with my roommate over co-op. I will continue flying through the worlds of Flower and loving every minute of it. I might even revisit Rapture and topple a Big Daddy or two.

But I will not be buying Killzone 2 anytime soon. I will eventually check out the demo and this will be the experience that dictates whether I buy it at all. And because of the rabid fans ubiquitously blowing this game, it has way more to live up to than if all of you had just kept your f*cking mouths shut and let it be.

I'm not alone with these thoughts.

goflyakite3518d ago

Seriously not needed.

A pretty useless article.

Not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just that we don't really need to know why one person won't be getting it. (for his own reasons)

Yes I read the article, as it's only about 5 small paragraphs and took me like 2 minutes. Once again, useless.

Anyways, I'm off to go and get KZ2 and I won't be on here for the weekend. Bye bye guys.

3518d ago
Traveler3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

@ IcarusOne

I'm sorry but that's just lame and childish. Not buying a game out of spite or because some fanboys on the internet hyped a game for "their" console and it annoyed you. Get over yourself. You're as lame as the fanboys. In fact, you just prove yourself to be a fanboy thinking like that.

Lots of games get hyped to hell. Did I avoid buying Gears or Halo because they were massively hyped? No. And I bet you didn't either.
You're likely an Xbox fanboy and that is why it has bothered you that Killzone 2 had so much hype, and then managed to live up to it.

You're not a gamer, you're a baby. Avoiding a good game because people annoyed you on the internet is just laughably childish.

ProperFunked3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

i kind of agree with him. i had to force myself to go out and buy it, trading in Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3. Far Cry was a chore to beat, Fallout 3...well i didnt mean to finish the main quest so fast, and that kinda killed the rest of the game for me. but in all honestly i was super duper stoked on this game before i played the demo. and whats really killing it for me is the aiming, i noticed theres about a half second delay when you go full tilt (which i suppose is the "add weight of the gun" annoying bullsh*t if you ask me) which makes me over compinsate for aiming at a moving target and actually almost makes it impossible to hit a moving target. its pretty yes, and the cover system is interesting, but im actually much more excited for RE5, if those 2 games came out the same day, i'd be play RE5 right now, thats just me.

edit: this is probably the only game i havent payed full price for. go figure

DominusRebellis3518d ago

He's a cheap [email protected] who wont pay full price for a new game...idiot

Sarcasm3518d ago

"Pathetic writers have to use this tactic to survive and stay relevant."


Naucious3518d ago

well, honestly i can understand this article even though to a certain degree. Im in the same boat as well ive bought a lot of great titles in these months, and theres still more to come. I did get killzone pre ordered and I am picking it up today, but theres about 5 new games that I bought that i havent spent more than 3 hours on, i guess that is my fault and i just might start with Killzone2 first. I have Farcry 2, Fallout3, LBP, Socom confrontation, Rockband 2, Dead space and Mirrors edge, not including KZ2. So yeah lol i have a lot of gaming to do, at least this will keep me busy till U2 and GOW3 comes out. He's right though about the servers most games have problems in their first coming months of release, but that wont stop me lol Murk em all i say!!!

IcarusOne3518d ago

What's lame is having to depend on this game to save your console. I own them both and supported them both until I started reading N4G. The flagrant and annoying tone of everyone of you out there who needs to feel superior to the xbox is maddening. That's the true childish nature.

I happily game on both systems. I've been there for Resistance, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, MGS4, yada yada yada. I've been there for every tedious and laborious software update, side by side with my 360.

Now maybe I'm not reading the right articles or forums, but (with few exceptions) I've never seen xbots be as vicious, rabid, childish, immature, or insecure as many of the Sony "supporters" on this sight. I have no problem with you loving your system. I WANT TO LOVE IT TOO. I want the PS3 to succeed and be amazing. And I was so excited for KZ2.

But instead of being adults, quietly proud and excited about your next-gen Manhattan Project, you made it personal. You sunk to the same low standards of the very xbots you claim to revile and be better than. If your console is truly better than theirs, represent it with your conduct. Rise above and be a man.

A fanboy is a fanboy, regardless of brand. And I never considered myself an xbot until I was exposed to the Sony community on this sight.

Let the disagrees flow.

WildArmed3518d ago


lol if you hate yourself that much, then so be it.
Don't make up excuses that 'sony fanboys' denied me Killzone 2 pleasure..
Thats as retarded as being a fanboy.

Traveler3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

@ IcarusOne

The fanboys on both sides are the same. If you can't see that, you're lost.

PS3 fanboys might be more prevalent on this site at this time, but on many other sites it is often the opposite. And believe me, Xbox fanboys can be just as big of A-holes as the PS3 fanboys can be.

You might think PS3 fanboys are annoying, but right now you are being just as annoying as any fanboy I have ever seen. You are being just as bitter, fanatical and confrontational as any fanboy.

You're an Xbox fanboy, plain and simple, and that is why only fanboys on one side of the aisle bother you.

BTW, I own both consoles and I like both consoles. Right now I am bit happier with my PS3 because my 360 has died on me again and because there are more games coming for PS3 that have me excited, but I'm not a fanboy.

If I were a fanboy and thought like you I might have avoided Halo 3 or Gears of War 2 because of the ridiculous amount of hype they received and the way many Xbox fanboys rubbed those games' success in the face of PS3 fanboys (and still do). But I'm not a fanboy and I don't make myself miss out on a good game simply because I'm bitter or annoyed about the way some fanboys on the internet hyped a game.

Xbots play games3518d ago

*Salutes Tordavis for bringing up the name 'Sword of Beserk'*

Thst game was a classic over the top craazy violent hack and slash masterpiece. I forgot all about it. That makes me want to did through the ol' closet and find my Dreasmcast. I loved that game. Pours out a lil' liquor in memory of the mighty mighty dreamcast.

GarandShooter3518d ago

'and an even greater level of douchebaggery than normal on PSN.'

No Dave, you just stated you won't be playing KZ2, so there will actually be less douchebaggery. Way to stereotype there, friend.


You stated 'I'm not alone with these thoughts.' Talk about insecurity. You need to justify your weak and fanboyish position with a group mentality. Fanboys on both sides are equally venemous, and it's just because that you identify and agree with the 360 fanboys that they seem less 'vicious, rabid, childish, immature, or insecure'. Your words bro. Reread your posts objectively and you will see these words apply frequently to you.

And remember, just because you assume other's share your opinion doesn't lend any credibility to your position at all. Using that as a measuring stick all PS3 fanboys are right due to their collective mentality, as well as all 360 fanboys are right for the same reason.

Utter rubbish. Try again, this time removing your green goggles. There is NO PERSON who will prevent me from doing what I want. I am an individual, all me, for better or worse. My likes and dislikes, my graces and sins are all my own. A person's or group's actions won't make me dislike an inanimate object, they will make me dislike them. I have no affiliation with anyone, based soley on the fact we made similar purchases. That's security in my person and individuality. And yes, I game on both systems.

Traveler3518d ago

@ GarandShooter

Awesome post. I agree completely.

I especially liked the last part. ;)

BkaY3518d ago


and i bought kz2 2 days ago.... couldnt stop playing..
im "killzowned" by its awsomeness..

be a gamer not a wanker.....


Tony P3518d ago

Well, the writer is correct. Those are some pretty lame excuses.

Furthermore, while I understand mistrust of hype, I don't understand how you can fear being let down by it when the game is AVAILABLE. Just borrow a freaking copy and be done with it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

So basically his whole reason for not playing KZ2 is, I got too many games, I don't trust the hype and the servers "probably" aren't reliable yet.

Valid reasons yes, enough to write an article NO! Those are stupid reasons that has little to do with the game itself. Go play the game! It's awesome!!!

Arguably the best title on the PS3 next to MGS4 in my opinion and of course Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I'm partial to the latter as die hard Ninja Gaiden fan.

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Zeus Lee3518d ago

We don't really care whether or not YOU will be playing Killzone 2 anytime soon.

tordavis3518d ago

Yes you do. It's why you came in here, read it and posted. Otherwise you would have just sent him a PM.

UnwanteDreamz3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Tsk tsk TorDavis. I thought you were not going to argue on N4G anymore. Just can't help yourself?

I will miss the author online, listening to his frustrated cries as I killed him would have been great....

EDIT: Fair enough, but I think it is a crime to post here when you have a copy of KZ2 and are at home. I hate my job! Care to trade Tor? I will do something I love and you can watch after the rich and snobby while they pretend to work. (I do loss prevention)

tordavis3518d ago

I'm power posting at home today. I needed some entertainment. :)

XxZxX3518d ago

no killzone 2 for you at home?

negative3518d ago

I won't be playing Killzone 2 anytime soon either. I prefer gameplay over graphics.

Which is why I am sticking with Perfect Dark Zero.

WildArmed3518d ago

Exactly, game play is experienced when you PLAY the game.. not by watching videos.. dat doesn't count as experience.

First go play the damn game then say i 'rather have gameplay over graphics'..
coz this AINT last gen, in this gen, both are possible.. yeah i know hard to believe for ignorant folks like you ^^

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Pennywise3518d ago

I can not believe I clicked the link. I am sorry I have given this cry baby wah wah wah website a hit. My bad.

Hype = No play? Give me a break. He loved the demo, its a great game, but hype has made him not even buy the game yet cause of ps3 "fanboys".

A Kit Cat bar commercial comes to mind.

tordavis3518d ago

You didn't read the article. You look dumber than you think the article is.

Pennywise3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Oh I didnt?? How dumb does that make you look?

I read it and he said the hype basically turned him off.

Go figure YOU agree with him. I would of never guessed. /s

I think you agree/disagree ratio speaks for who the dumb one is, Tor... but we all know from your previous articles and comments, you dont mind.

Anon19743518d ago

..indicating that you had to have at least scanned the article. I really was left scratching my head about this. So, you're not playing Killzone 2 for what reason, exactly? It was just a mess of "Too many much hype." something about the multiplayer, blah blah blah.

You know. I've got a stack of unplayed games at the moment as well but there's nothing I'm looking forward to playing as much as KZ2. Maybe I should write a blog about it. Then people could post a link to N4G and everyone could comment on my decision to play KZ2.
No wait, no one would care. But they do care about this article. And I must care 'cause I'm commenting on it. Wait, some sort of brainwashing must be at play here. Either that or it's Friday, I'm bored and don't want to do any work.

beast3518d ago

So he waited for 2 years and wants to impose another month.

I love him... He doent want to be happy.

You know i enjoyed the demo love and am hyped for the game, so it makes perfect sense to not buy right now so i can suffer one more month for no freaking reason..

People just crack me up

darkwing3518d ago

In my blog it says I'm not playing RE5, should my blog site be in N4G??