Killzone 2's Successor

After Killzone 2: As Killzone 2 finally hits stores today, Kikizo takes a look at what Guerrilla Games could do next.

"Kikizo has come up with a few possibilities. One of them's a joke. We're sure you'll guess..."

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_Q_3518d ago

Dont milk it! Make a masterpiece every 4 years(or so) !
Like GT Make us squirm for the next one !!!

dirigiblebill3518d ago

Heh, I think the fourth one sounds pretty logical really... XD

leper6413518d ago

Check out the DDR shot on page 5! LOL

Blink_443518d ago

How about we just play K2 and not worry about a sequel.mmmk?

dirigiblebill3518d ago

Because you can bet your ass Guerrilla is worrying about a sequel ;) Chances are they've got a concept already...

Edwin853518d ago

GG have earned themselves a break.