MMO Weekly: NASA MMO, Champions in June, Free Realms Beta, Blizzcon, and LotRO to Level 60

NASA building an MMO, Champions Online to arrive June, Free Realms goes into beta, Blizzcon news, and the first entry in LotRO: Journey to Level 60.

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NeverforgetNES3519d ago

A NASA MMO? Very interesting. Hmm

SlamVanderhuge3519d ago

hmm...cant even imagine what a NASA MMO would be like

SirLarr3519d ago

Might be a good way for NASA to recoup all the governmental funding they've steadily been losing.

DK_Switch3519d ago

NASA MMO? That's easy ...

For each new user, there'll be 30 guys in a room watching computers to make sure the character doesn't go down. The server will only have a small window during the early morning when it can be up, and most applicants won't pass the physical fitness test.

Also, in the final level, you hire Bruce Willis to save the planet from an impending meteor the size of Texas, and Ben Affleck cries.

It's gonna be the best MMO you'll never be qualified to play.