New IP to be announced for PSP

MCV: Following on from John Koller's bold statements about an exciting E3 for PS3, SCEE has told MCV that new IP will feature in the line-up.

And an SCEE spokesperson has added to MCV that "we'll be outlining the release of additional, new and existing IPs for the platform in the coming months".

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TOO PAWNED3522d ago

WOW, i hope they have something left for PS3, not just PSP

jay23522d ago

Their just using bargain- basement tactics by porting PS3 games, speaking about porting games where the hecks GT 4 Mobile PSP, or whatever it was called!

Argento-Nox3522d ago


I think Gran Turismo psp took a back seat to motorstorm psp. I'd expect some type of GT psp announcement closer to the release of GT5. If sony is really smart, they'll release a GT game for the initial release of the PSP2.

BLUR1113522d ago

That figure is nothing to sneeze at and definitely covers development, production and marketing costs with truck-loads of money to spare.

And if you are a fan of the "attach rate" argument; MGS4 has sold to approximately 1 in 5 PS3 users.

Those figures are amazing by any measurement. I'm not sure if you can't afford a PS3, if one called you a dirty name, or if a PS3 stole your girlfriend (probably really, really reaching with that one, I doubt you've had much besides a pillow-kiss), but it's a really great system. All 3 systems, in fact, have their merits.

If you weren't such a blind fanboy you could see that.

TOO PAWNED3522d ago

intellectual property. Completely new franchise. Like for example LBP was new IP, first game in it's franchise. Dead Space was new IP, so was Mirrors Edge, etc.
Fable 2, R2 are not new IPs, those are sequels.

jay23522d ago

Internet protocol........
Joking yep its intellectual property

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The story is too old to be commented.