Real-life Portal Gun Creator Makes BioShock Syringe

Harrison Krix, the prop artist who turned heads recently by making a real-life mock-up of a Portal gun, has just created another video game weapon. This time, it's the syringe wielded by Little Sisters in BioShock.

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Dmack793520d ago

I finally rented Bioshock last week (for PS3) AND IT'S INCREDIBLE. Those syringes are crazy long.

EvilCackle3520d ago

Yeah, it really is an amazing game. It's probably somewhere in my top five shooters, if not top three.

cyguration3520d ago

in Bioshock were always amazing. That syringe though is one of the sickest weapons in a game.

EvilCackle3520d ago

I was always partial to the Tommygun.

Sangria3520d ago

There's even the rust, i love it !

EvilCackle3520d ago

I think the fact that he plainly tells you how to make it is cool, too. Good prop for a Halloween costume.

Ldubbz3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

That is cool. Ice cold baby.

Bioshock 2 Limited Edition should come with a 14" inch tall Big Daddy replica, with a little sister behind him of course, with miniature teddy bear in hand. They could even make the drill spin...but it would HAVE to be wind-up, just to fit with the motif. No batteries...

Todd MacFarlane, heed the call.

EvilCackle3519d ago

Good call. That'd be a good one.