Phil Harrison's Keynote (Full 50minutes)

PS3 on a new Horrizon? Here is the full Phil Harrison Keynote at GDC 2007 including HOME, Singstar, LittleBigPlanet.

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Violater4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

the other link was broken.
I still think this is years ahead of its time.
And insanely complicated for the average user.
I personally am looking forward to it.

nix4245d ago

you and gamr have been very helpful throughout this whole gdc thing. thanks a lot! ((((((:

techie4245d ago

No probs. Though I don't think some people like...I've been losing bubbles at a rate of knots. hmph

nix4244d ago

they are just jealous... i'll give you one bubble here... click! q:

Apocalypse Shadow4245d ago

but just like me,if "gamers" don't like what you say or comment,they try to take bubbles.even if your NOT saying the other companies games suck or the system sucks,they will take bubbles.

i'd bet that some fans of 360 took some of your bubbles just like they took mine because you posted positive news during GDC for ps3.

i didn't see how they could take some of mine when i'm in the ps3 side defending a good system that is now showing it's colors.i might get excited sometimes,but that's a given when you see this many trashing something they are not curse words,no personal attacks,but they take them anyway.

but as for the video,it just shows that sony is doing well through all the bashing and are not concerned with what the competition is doing.they are on their own course.and i love that.

ReconHope4245d ago

how the he ll does anyone disagree to what shadowgamer just said?

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