Sony shook up: Kaz Hirai to head new combined division

Sony announces the merging of its PlayStation, VAIO and Walkman businesses as Kaz Hirai takes charge of new helm. Sony today revealed some of its restructuring plans that would enable the company to save $3 billion in yearly costs.

Perhaps the biggest news is that British-born Sony CEO Howard Stringer will replace Ryoji Chubachi as president of the company. 61-year-old Chubachi will become vice chairman in charge of quality and environmental issues, with Stringer to assume his expanded role from April 1st.

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pwnsause3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

integrating the Walkman buisness to the Playstation Buisness is possibly the smartest idea ever. it opens a path for them to compete with the ipod. Dont know about the Vaio business though.

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Parapraxis3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Howard Stringer as president of Sony, this is a very good thing IMO.
Let's hope all his intentions prove good for the company.
I expect the Playstation division will be getting even more attention now.

majorsuave3522d ago

I am suddenly dreaming of a Playstation netbook

RememberThe3573522d ago

From what I've seen he has yet to help the company move foreword in anyway.

I hope your right though, this company need to start making money.

Parapraxis3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Here's a good video interview.

Sony needs new direction badly.
Do those people disagreeing think that Stringer is a poor choice for Sony Prez?
If so, who would you propose would do a better job in refocusing the company?

Anyhow, my snack/coffee break is done, back to KZ2! =D

Milky Joe3522d ago

It should be interesting to see how this affects things on our end.

Still a British bloke at the head of Sony has a nice ring to it. XD

RememberThe3573522d ago

I'll give it a read when I get back home.

techie3522d ago

COuld be a problem in that Stringer is a software guy, not hardware. He's been sacking all the hardware guys too...

N4g_null3522d ago

Read closer and you will see SONY is becoming a software house. All tech is being lined up for integration which may curiously be away to get more minds behind the PS3's cell. If they can use that chip in more things then it will pay for it self, yet no one has mastered it yet and the guys that are now in charge are not even close to understanding why and how the cell was made the way it was.

It's pretty hopeless but this is another corporate style firing. Before the different division flourished behind their own walls now the bickering will be in the same office. Man SONY needs engineers at the top either in hardware or software not sheep herders. Ken may have been crazy but at least he had the guys to get things going.

I'm sure the stock guys will not like this either. I just hope 1st party talent is not lost because of this.

I am yet to hear any thing more than hype from these two. They have both yet to show the public a vision that is attainable. any one can hang around for 10 years but their corpse and skeleton crew will begin to stink.

I hope these desperate times push sony to be innovative and smarter in the coming years. People want fun not tech hype. Seriously it's that easy, jaffe said it best people want to be entertained!

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Karum3522d ago

Yeah I thought the same thing when I read it.

Just thinking about how they could link up the PS3 with their other devices is an interesting thought indeed/

RememberThe3573522d ago

I remember the days when Walkman ruled. I wonder what they are planning to try and bring the brand back to the forefront.

Argento-Nox3522d ago

This would be their new walkman here: http://technology.sympatico...
It's like Sony's version of a Ipod nano that has no display, but has no messy headphone wires to get tangled in. Looks like a good option for joggers.

Lucreto3522d ago

Howard Stringer as President of Sony is a very good thing. He was brought in to make changes in the inflexible Japanese market culture but was blocked on may changes now as President he can start real changes.

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