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Killzone 2 Single Player Review via

+ Fast paced, intense action
+ In-game graphics
+ Weapon variety
+ Several vehicle or vehicle types of gameplay stat tracking and implementation of intel found during the campaign
+Boss Fights

- Controls
- Very short campaign
- Lack of co-op play

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Asurastrike3610d ago

Can we please stop listing things a game doesn't have as a negative? (co-op)Half Life 2 and Bioshock don't have multiplayer, should their scores be knocked down, or should they be rated on what they have?


bioshock is not the type of game to have coop how would that make sense in its story. killzone it would make sense because its a squad in a military.

SprSynJn3610d ago

I don't recall anyone complaining about COD4's lack of co-op.

piam453610d ago

it until party system is patched its boring joining your mates on a different team

MrJack3610d ago

Try alt 2 with hold zoom, its almost COD4

JOLLY13610d ago

You want someone to buy this game, so they can have an experience almost as good as COD? Why don't they just keep play COD?

iHEARTboobs3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

"You want someone to buy this game, so they can have an experience almost as good as COD? Why don't they just keep play COD? "

What the hell are you talking about? How does that have any relevance to what he said?

JOLLY13610d ago

says the controls aren't good. Then mrjack said "if you blah blah blah, it makes the controls almost like COD". I asked why have lesser controls? Why not just play a good game with good controls, ala COD? Do you need pictures?

Kyur4ThePain3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

So according to you, Jolly, COD has absolutely the best controls of any FPS?
Because you're implying that being "almost COD" (note, he didn't say almost as good as) is somehow worse.
It's pretty obvious he was referring to the fact that people have become so accustomed to COD controls that it might help them if they can change the KZ2 control setups to mimic those of COD.
I just want to make I understand what you're trying to say before I point at my monitor and start laughing hysterically.

JOLLY13610d ago

I was just asking why "if he likes COD controls....why is he trying to play a game that has lesser controls". As you can read (hopefully) in my comments, I never once talked about my preferences. I know that some people have problems with a.d.d. and can't quite focus on stuff for a very long period, but seriously it was only a couple sentences.

iHEARTboobs3610d ago

That's got to be one of the dumbest things i've heard Jolly. How does a suggestion from switching the controls to something more familiar become a negative?

"Why not just play a good game with good controls, ala COD? Do you need pictures?" Really, Jolly? Then you say this: "Oh no I don't even like COD." A good game yet you don't like it? Contradict yourself much?

And no, i don't need pictures, just a hint of common sense from you. I feel dumber for even trying to reason with you.

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Sangria3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Yep, too bad Killzone 2 has no coop, yesterday a buddy wanted to see how looked Killzone 2 in multiplayer but we couldn't play both on split-screen, so we gone to Resistance 2. Less wonderful in a technical side, but at least we can play with friends.

Bladestar3610d ago

Sony dedicated all the system resources into making the game look pretty... hence why:

- Very short campaign
- Lack of co-op play


so your saying the ps3 cant run a pretty game that has coop or is long? im sure they havent used up a 50 gig blu ray

Obama3610d ago

hey bladestar did you know halowars flopped?

Bladestar3610d ago

@Obama - how could of? HaloWars release date is Mar 3, 2009.
Damn osama... at least educate yourself and know the release dates.

I think you have the whole flop concept all screw up. A game flops when there are super high expectations and not only gets the worst reviews... but no one buys it or at least sales do not match the hype...
because no one wants to buy a flop game.

If Halowars flops in terms of sales and reviews compare to all the other RTS games on game consoles... then it will be a flop...

Got to wait... until it comes out.

One thing is certain about Kill Zone 2... it's a short game.. just like Metal Gear was... HaloWars at least have more gameplay to offer.

Obama3610d ago

I am talking about the bad reviews of course, who cares about the sales except for 360 fanboys?

JOLLY13610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I do know that there is a nationwide midnight launch for Halo Wars, yes kz2 only had a few stores open. Now, for people that care about sale. I am quite sure game developers care about sales. I wonder if that's why the 360 sees so much love from game developers. people that own 360s buy games.

JuJuRMJ3610d ago

Did you forget that multiplayer is included....Hey x-bot the multiplayer alone will have gamers playing for quite some time, so what you said is null..Don't be so hurt, go play with your calculator some more and inform us ps3 owners about our tax cut. X-bots = Numbers, cuz we all know numbers make a GAME good right? Not quality as all the x-butts like to spew around here.

JOLLY13610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I got $3000 back...what you told me to inform you. I am getting the new red RE5 bundle (yup to go with my rrod). Oh sad, did I take your joke from you? Oh and he never said a word about multiplayer. He was talking about co-op. yes, those are two different things. See multiplayer is where.....oh forget it, you're too slow.

xbollox3610d ago

it makes halo3 look like a kiddy dikky game for n00bs, it's hilarious.
i understand why you're so jealous, it's truly the must have game of this gen, hands down, you guys are just missing out on something huge and you know it. ok, enough pwnage, back to the killzone


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