IncGamers: Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

IncGamers reviews the latest addition to the popular survival horror franchise.

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Leord3520d ago

7.7? Not a bad score!

thetamer3520d ago

7.7? My goodness, and on the PS3 too? I thought it would look good on the PS3, but it might just look better on the 360 then.

Dorjan3520d ago

Bad textures covered up by "fog", bah!

Maticus3520d ago

Good to see it hasn't changed too much despite the change of developers.

Fyzzu3520d ago

Sounds like a generic Silent Hill game, really. Perhaps it's time for the series to move on a bit? Not necessarily in a Resi 4 kind of way, but... just changing things up, rather than sticking to the old.