The Last Remnant Available On Steam

The PC version of Square Enix's critically acclaimed The Last Remnant is now available for pre-purchase from Valve Corporation's proprietary digital distribution service Steam, Valve announced yesterday. The full game will become available for playing from April 9th.

Additionally, a demo version is also available for free download from Steam.

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Charmers3518d ago

Yep a lot of PC gamers are going "meh", this really isn't our cup of tea but I guess kudos to Square Enix for trying.

TheIneffableBob3518d ago

Man, why couldn't they have chosen a good JRPG to port to the PC?

Nightfallen3518d ago

Well, demo is worth trying.

baraka0073518d ago

the texture lag is just as bad on the demo as it was on the 360. I like just about every game but this game is just terrible. I wouldn't waste the time downloading it but if you want to punish yourself give it a try...

sealion883518d ago

Whats taking the ps3 version so long to be released.

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