The magnificent seven best touchscreen phones

Pocket Gamer: "Only the most blinkered members of the anti-Apple brigade would have the temerity to deny that the iPhone has revolutionised the mobile phone world. However, while this excellent 'jack-of-all-trades' device continues to amaze with its versatility and oh-so-slick touchscreen interface, it's not exactly the most accessible option for prospective mobile shoppers.

For starters, it's only currently available on O2 here in the UK and the high price tag puts it out of reach for those of us that are on a budget thanks to the current state of 'Credit Crunch' Britain. Thankfully, the iPhone isn't the only option out there if you're hankering for some touchscreen action with your mobile. The past year has seen a massive rise in the number of handsets that boast this technology and we've been keeping tabs on the best examples out there to bring you this handy list of potential purchases."

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manwich253518d ago

The list was missing the Samsung Omnia

Sitdown3517d ago

Samsung SGH-F480 Tocco.

celldomceen13517d ago

what no sciphone or hiphone? this lists fails! j/k the g1 is a nice phone tho but it is still prone to freezes once they iron out the kinks it could really be a contender.

Staircase3517d ago

But i still prefer the iPhone. The App store really is a dream come true for me.

Kyur4ThePain3517d ago

If it wasn't for AT&T screwing people here in the US with their stupid plan structures, I'd have bought an iPhone long ago. You can give me unlimited web access and email, but you're going to charge me extra for texting? Texting?

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