We're Getting the PS4 in Less than Ten Years

Softpedia writes: "PS3 owners have been aware for some time now that they won't have to bother replacing their console with a new, radically different version (a.k.a. PlayStation 4). Sony was never in a hurry to make this kind of severe hardware jumps, and, as the PS3 remains one of the most advanced video gaming consoles on the market, the company's hesitation to make a PS4 is more than predictable. Or is it?

David Reeves, the one who lords over Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has recently been interviewed by Play magazine and some of his affirmations hint at a sooner-than-we-might-think timetable for the launch of the PS4. Sony had already said that it thought of the PS3 as a console meant to last a whole decade. Here's how Reeves interprets the "decade" - "I don't know whether the PS3 lifespan will be eight, nine or ten years." It's true that we shouldn't attach an official announcement veneer to such an unclear statement. Still, that's not exactly the same assured tone of previous comments made by Sony people on the subject. So, why the change?"

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Pennywise3523d ago

softpedia said it. Yes we are. haha

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La Chance3523d ago

is sure , Sony isnt taking the risk of coming after the competition this time around.

RussDeBuss3523d ago

it's gonna be bad for the consumer though.

if ms brings in the practice of rushing out consoles and sony has to follow suit, we gonna get less innovative hardware, less reliable and lasts for less time as end up having to release it b4 they can get all the stuff to work they wanted to

Bathyj3523d ago

No, Sony wont release straight after XB. It will be more like 2 years or 3 this time. The new XB will actually give PS3 better legs by taking 360 out of the market. PS3 will be the lowest common denominator but that will raise the bar overall. Its like instead of making a PSone version and a PS2/XB1 version, you make a PS2/XB1 and a PS3/XB360 version. The overall game improves for not having to worry about the PSone.

Plus because M$ will kepp rushing, PS4 will make 720 look dated when it comes 2-3 years later and M$ might already start thinking about 1080 to catch up on the tech front.

I predict them making more consoles than Sony in the next few generations and who knows, they might be able to actually call it what it is, XB5 or XB6, because they would have caught up to their PS counterpart and not feel inferior about their name. Ha, I bet if they make more and get the chance to call it XB6 and PS is up to 5 they will do it. Funny.

CrazedFiend3522d ago

Why is this a story that got passed? Sony never said the PS4 wouldn't come out within that 10 years. Playstation life spans have always overlapped.

PS1 were being sold well into the PS2's lifespan, PS2s are still being sold today. So why does the introduction of the PS4 have anything to mean that the PS3's lifespan is suddenly going to be cut short?

I mean, did both of your parents die the day you were born? I should hope not. If the PS4 comes out sooner than expected, that could only be marked up as teenage pregnancy for the PS3 at best.

As far as I know, Sony hasn't changed anything about the PS3's lifespan yet.

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Rob0g0rilla3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Just like were probably getting the Xbox 720 and Wii 2 in less then 10 years as well. Newer consoles may come out but that doesn't kill the support for the older ones to last that long. Just look at PS2. We didn't wait for the PS2 to turn 10 for the PS3. That would be insane.

BBCnewsrocks3523d ago

Isn't it kinda obvious we're gonna get it in less than ten years.

poindat3523d ago

You're right. Common sense should tell anybody that there is no way the PS3 will be able to remain competitive on its own into 2016. There will be other consoles with more efficient, reliable, and powerful hardware that will most likely bring some new things to the table. Plus, consumers just like shiny new things.

There will be a PS4 or whatever is next down the line and the PS3 will coexist with that. Think PS2 here.

But all that is common sense right? *Looks at Zeus Lee* I guess not. :\

DeadlyFire3522d ago

I don't see anything in this article that is news worthy. Who approved of this?

PS2 came 4-5 years after PS1. PS3 will come 5-6 years after PS2. Eventually we might get to a 10 year window. Its just not possible right now though. 5 years then something will come out. No less than that and no more than that. Its just what is needed to shift more profit into the company. PS4 will launch in 2011. PS5 in 2016. PS3 production doesn't end until 2016. That is the 10 year cycle Sony mentioned. They NEVER mentioned that the PS3 would stand alone for 10 years. None of the console companys are ready for a single console to last 10 years. Xbox 720/460 or whatever is launching in 2010. Nintendo is following Sony in 2011 as well.

It seems that all 3 companys have adapted Sony's 5/10 year plan. Xbox 360 launched in 2005 and next console is coming in 2010. Wii launched in 2006 and next console is coming in 2011. Enjoy your surprises at E3 2009/2010. The new consoles will be there. They are announced one year ahead of their launch at E3.

kingOVsticks3523d ago

no sh!t sherlock... The "lifespan" of the PS3 will be 10 years.The PS3 doesn't have to die before the next generation comes out.Damn pointless articles. Back to killzone 2

Ahmay3523d ago

We're going to get a ps3 slim first.....

somekindofmike3523d ago

Congratulations on pointing out the obvious ;)

PSone, PS2 Slimline, PS3 Slim fits in well :)

Sorry for sarcasm, your comment still required more thought process than the author of this article was able to manage!

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