Gears could be web-based game in mere weeks if Microsoft approves

Gamezine: Instant Action's vice president claims that any game can be played through a web browser, including Gears of War.

Instant Action recently unveiled its new technology platform, which utilises a proprietary plugin to render games at full speed from a web browser.

The technology performs in a similar manner to some already released MMOs, including the upcoming Free Realms, but Instant Action claims that any 3D game can be played on any web browser with their latest technology.

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WildArmed3523d ago

but i dont think i would wanna play gears multiplayer on it.
Gears had a great SP/co-op.. dats where the real meat of Gears lies.

I love Fallen Legions on Instant action, my time pass @ college XD

techie3523d ago

Does it need to be multiplayer? Can't you play the SP through a web browser?

SullyDrake3523d ago

I'll play it on the PS3 web browser :D

techie3523d ago

lol they do say ANY web browser. *waits for story titled 'Gears of War playable on PS3'*


thewhoopimen3523d ago

hahahahah *crosses fingers* hope that does happen. Then we can really laugh at the poor sobs who've bought 2 or 3 replacement systems already.

Elven63523d ago

I think Microsoft will have something in place to prevent that from happening, maybe restricting certain browsers?

techie3523d ago

Lol it's not possible. You can't install plugins on the PS3.

RussDeBuss3523d ago

sony could patch a plug in into it via fw upsate, hahaha

surley this tech eats up bandwitdh though. it would cost people on restricted or pay as u go bandwitdh a fortune.

WildArmed3523d ago

Instant action is all multiplayer atm.
I doubt they plan on going on a diferent route just bcoz its gears.
Also, its not possible to play IA on ps3.
The browser isnt support yet... Lets some IA gets on it :D

MNicholas3522d ago

Lots of companies are working on this. It will be quite common next year.

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BLUR1113523d ago

What about Resistance or Socom ..oh wait no one plays that game XD

PenisaurisDix3523d ago

They want their Web Driver back !

(Wildtangent offered a totally cool DirectX wrapper that allowed hardware accelerated content to be viewed in Web Browser. It was tragically ahead of its time).

Final_Rpg3523d ago

Doesn't fix my problem of having a below average pc:(.

ukilnme3523d ago

It would be cool if MS allowed this. I already have both on my 360 but would try it on my PS3 just for the hell of it.

TheIneffableBob3523d ago

It wouldn't work on the PS3. It requires that a plug-in be installed to run the 3D application within the browser.

techie3523d ago

Plus the games would be made for PC architecture.


Since its isnt optimised for PS3 or PC you would atleast need 2 Gigs of ram

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