"Sony is back !", Gamespot's 'A look from the Inside' Entry

Gamers, analysts, and by now, even hermits living in the Outback, knew that Sony went from gaming behemoth to another fish in the pond since E3 2006.

But guess what? They're baaaaaaack.

The Sony keynote delivered by Phil Harrison at the 2007 Game Developers Conference was exactly what the company needed to re-establish itself as a gaming giant. The announcements of Home and LittleBigPlanet were the types of things gamers had expected to hear about a year ago, but as the old adage goes, "better late than never."

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eclipsegryph4633d ago

Definately cool stuff ahead for Sony, but they certainly have a lot of ground to pick back up. Unfortunately such things aren't really for me... The "Home" idea, while decidedly cool and interesting, doesn't really sit well with me. I've never really thought of games as a social networking medium - they've always just been a hobby to do when I'm bored with something else. But then again, I may be in the minority, who knows. That, and I'm not too sure about the actual usefulness of yet another Second Life-ish world populated by solely PS3 users. We shall see.

However, on the willingness to remain objective, I will remark that this "Home" initiative seems rather gimmicky... and isn't Sony afraid of the overtly cute and playful LittleBigPlanet turning the PS3 into a "kiddy" console? Both of which, of course, were complaints about the Wii.

techie4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

You think kids are the only ones playing LittleBigPlanet? No! I'll be looks great. And how would sony look like a kiddie console with this one game? You don't have to just have shooting games to be considered a console for adults. How about a console for everyone?

Yuh I get it. I mean think of Ratchet and Clank etc. You know I actually miss my Sonic games and Mario. I also miss Kerbi. And I miss this game where you were a Dolphin and you had was cool...was on my MasterSystem...anyone remember that?

This game LittleBigPlanet makes me want to get back into kiddie games. The brits on the stage looked like they were having fun.

ps. what stops you from putting obscene pictures in the levels...will levels have to be rated for content? :P

eclipsegryph4633d ago

Heh, worry not, Deepbrown, had I a PS3 I'd probably be interested in LittleBigPlanet as well. I was just remarking on the absurdity of comments such as "gimmicky" and "kiddy" towards the Wii, when they could be applied to any console with the right fanboy spin. :p

Though I was serious about not being interested about "Home". More power to people that can find a good use out of it, though.

DC RID3R4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

sony have quelled a few of the sony fans fears with yesterdays announcements, but I'm not the biggest sims fan, and home ain't NO pso.

I don't know if LittleBigPlanet (very impressive) being the "highlight" is a good thing, or something to worry about tho.

We'll see

Keyser4632d ago

LittleBigplant is a cool game in its on right but the ability to create your own levels, publish them, have people play them, and get feedback is th eamazing thing. It's not just a cool game. Yes, gamemaker games are out there but this is like giving someone Legos or an Erector set. It's easy but creative at the same time. Not only that, it will probably inspire game developers themselves with the creations they see gamers come up with.
There will probably be a competition and schools could have kids use LittleBigPlanet to stir creativity and innovation amongst students. Lots of potential for this game.

achira4633d ago

sony made a good job. i am lucky i have a ps3.

God of Gaming4633d ago

Well weve heard many promises from Sony over the last 2 years.. so lets see how well this Home thing works out. Is it a plus.. yes, but something that will move 600 dollar consoles, not really.

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The story is too old to be commented.