Silent Hill remake coming to PSP?

After so many exciting PSP announcements this week, Pocket Gamer investigates rumours of a possible Silent Hill remake for Sony's handheld.

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ceedubya93518d ago

I'd love to be able to go back and play this game, and with updated graphics on the PSP, that would be a good start. Although, I'd love a next gen version of this game.....maybe even 2??

Counter_ACT3518d ago

How many times is this going to be posted? There's no proper source for these rumors either.

AriesFury3518d ago

lack of original games and only ports for it. The DS will always be on top, period.

Da One3518d ago

not to many original titles on it either more so than PSP true

_Q_3518d ago

Say "always ahead".

50 million owners isn't exactly a failure or anything. It has its own market. And I would most definitely buy game. Silent Hill 1 is IMHO still the best survival horror game there is.

bassturd3518d ago

I'm sure PSP owners will survive. Guess you don't know how every single SH fan wants a SH1 remake. It is nice they are giving us one. Too bad I dunno where my PSP is...just not into handhelds. Hope they port it to PS2 or something.

Argento-Nox3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )


You have obviously never played Down Stream Panic, LocoRoco, Patapon or Crush for the psp, otherwise you would not be commenting on the lack of original psp games.

The DS has a higher ratio of crap than the psp. Did you play Bratz,
Petz, learning _____ on the ds, cooking mama, assassins creed ds etc. FYI, I got my DS before my psp, yet I have roughly the same number of quality games on both platforms, with the edge going to the DS.

The problem with the psp is lack of games, not quality. Hopefully, the resurgence of 3rd party titles on the psp this year will rectify a problem that shouldn't have existed in the 1st place. No doubt the 50 million psp sold to date has changed the minds of most of those 3rd party companies.

@Bassturd (below)
Actually, I want a remake of Silent Hill 2. That game still has one of the most memorable opening scenes for a PS2 game.

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Bloodshedder3518d ago

ill totally download it:D

ScubaSteve13518d ago

please team silent please remake it and save us from team america for screwing up sh 5