Blair: UK is the creative capital of the World

PRESS RELEASE: UK Games industry welcomes Prime Minister's recognition of creative industries

ELSPA (Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers' Association) has welcomed Prime Minister Tony Blair's speech on Britain's cultural life. The Prime Minister delivered his address to representatives of arts and creative industries from the UK, including representatives from the interactive entertainment and games business.

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Monchichi0254242d ago

Oh good, I'm gonna Pee my pants!!!

Saying the British are the most Creative people in this world is like Saying that German people are the sweetest people in this World!!!!

sajj3164242d ago

What else would a British prime minister say about his people? Imagine if he said that the Japs were the creative minds?

PureGamer4242d ago

than the fat ass good for nothing americans :)

DiLeCtioN4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

there aint no need for the hype from you US girls n boys. just state your opinion. you dont have to flame britain cus i could say so many bad things about US

ps. some of the best games so far on ps3 like motorstorm are developed in the uk