Famitsu First Day Sales (02/26) - Yakuza 3 does 232k

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First Day Sales (02/26)

[PS3] Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Sega) - 232,000 (60%)
[PSP] Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid (Koei) - 152,000 (60%)
[WII] One Piece Unlimited Cruise: Episode 2 - Mezameru Yuusha (Bandai Namco) - 32,000 (45%)
[NDS] Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou 2 (Bandai Namco) - LE 18,500 (50%) / SE 8,000 (20%)
[PS2] The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match (SNK Playmore) - 13,000 (70%)
[360] Halo Wars (Microsoft) - LE 10,000 (30%) / SE 1,000 (20%)
[NDS] Sunday x Magazine Nettou! Dream Nine (Konami) - 9,500 (20%)
[360] Way of the Samurai 3 (Spike) - 7,000 (40%)

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KingDizzi3522d ago

Square Enix would do well to learn from Sega when it comes to what console to put their games on.

TOO PAWNED3522d ago

Honestly i expecte more. WKC sold 220k in first day and so far has sold 330k in Japan. I expected at least 300k for Yakuza 3....let's see how good legs it is going to have....and what effect on hardware.

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UltimateIdiot9113522d ago

That is WW figure for now. As far as I know, WKC and Yakuza 3 isn't available outside of Japan.

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InfectedDK3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I'll pay 120$ for Yakuza 3 English version!
Pls. make that english version!

I cant understand why they are denying the crowd in the EU/US that wants this game. Hire some dudes to translate the game!

kazuma3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

"1.2 - lol
I thought worldwide numbers were all that mattered? =)

I doubt Yakuza 3 will even reach Lost Odyssey numbers."

good job owning yourself, as far as we know yakuza 3 might not even see the us/eu release.

just some light, because i can see your not that...

first day sales
Ryu ga Gotoku 73k
Ryu ga Gotoku 2 189k
Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! 114k
Ryu ga Gotoku 3 232k

(oh and btw yakuza 1 and 2 were on ps2, ya know with that big install base in japan...guess yakuza 3 on the ps3 with less ps3's sold more...)

so, you were saying what about lost oddyssey?
2007-12-06 Lost Odyssey Microsoft 109,517

ya know what that 109,517 means? means how many copies the game sold so far since 2007 when it was released.
so erm...any yakuza game since number 2 outsold that game in it's first day.

callahan093522d ago

@ Too Pawned:

Just to clarify, WKC sold 220 in the first week, I think. It also came out on a Thursday. Yakuza 3 still has a few more days to go, and on the first day it sold more. Either way, this is nothing to sneeze at. Only one other game has sold more on the first day, and that's MGS4.

gaffyh3522d ago

Wow 232k is A LOT, for first day. Star Ocean only did 162k in the first week! Square really needs to figure out their priorities, especially in Japan. Star Ocean is more popular than Yakuza, yet Yakuza outsold it's 1st week total in a day. 0_o

ActionBastard3522d ago

Square is learning. They've basically opened their eyes to the money they're leaving on the table. So they release a game on the 360 b/c MS is such a "great partner", get good sales, wait for the exclusivity contract to expire, then release the PS3 version for even more money.

Regarding Yakuza3...those are some impressive numbers. If it can get to 4-500K in JP, I think we'll see it in the States. Hell, with the numbers so far I think we'll see it in the States.

ngg123453522d ago

This doubled it. It will sell mgs4 numbers at around 500k.

sonarus3522d ago

Yea what Ngg said. 230.000 is the highest i have seen for first day sales of a PS3 exclusive in Japan since MGS4

Rampant3522d ago

I'm just saying, Square/Enix can make more money and gain a new audience for their games outside of Japan (lol one country) by releasing them on the 360. I'm not saying that it's A LOT SMARTER to do that, just that it's pretty silly to say that it would be worse.

@Kazuma: I'm not from an englishspeaking country, but my eyes hurt anyway.

Sarcasm3522d ago

"Square/Enix can make more money and gain a new audience for their games outside of Japan (lol one country) by releasing them on the 360"

Right, just like Infinite Undiscovery which to date has only sold under 460,000 WORLDWIDE...

Yakuza 3 already sold half in ONE DAY in ONE COUNTRY.

So the LEAST Square Enix could do to maximize sales is have a true multiplatform strategy. Not "We're a multiplatform company, exclusively on Xbox360!"

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The gaming GOD3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Good Job Kazuma lol

Facts always do 1 of 2 things to fanboys. 1, they either shut them up or 2, put them childish insult mode because they feel owned

oh and as for this comment:

""Square/Enix can make more money and gain a new audience for their games outside of Japan (lol one country) by releasing them on the 360""

You do realize that SE's profits are way down right? They are close to being down 70% in their OWN country which loves rpg games. And their games haven't been selling well overseas either. So just how "big" a worldwide audience are we talking. Obviously, this "audience" isn't biting too well considering the profit drops correct?

3522d ago
Rampant3522d ago

@Kazuma: Yeah!!

@The Gaming God: Maybe if they put their games on Wii they would have made a load of money, but I find it hard to see how their games could have sold better on the ps3. I'm not arguing that putting the games on the 360 is smarter, only that it wouldn't have made much of a difference. Yakuza 3 is big in Japan, so they put it on the ps3. Star Ocean is a huge IP worldwide, so they put it on 360. Obviously they could've made more putting their games on both consoles (SO4 is probably gonna end up on the ps3 somewhere down the line), but I'm guessing each company earns a little extra money for keeping it exclusive on the respective platform.

The gaming GOD3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I'm sorry but no. Star Ocean is only big in japan. Outside of the Japanese territory Star Ocean only has a moderate size following. And of course they probably get more from MS to keep it exclusive, even if it is possible timed exclusive. But that obviously doesn't negate the fact that they have had a down slide in profit.

As for your Wii comment, would they have made more if they put it on that system? Maybe because of the install base. But then again, maybe not because the good games from third parties haven't been doing well on the Wii. Only the shovel ware orientated games or Nintendo brand games seem to do well on that system

SaiyanFury3522d ago


No kidding. I played through the demo of Yakuza 3 like 5 times and I loved it every time. I cannot WAIT for a North American release of this game. It's too bad that the translations often take a year or more....

myothercar3521d ago

lol @ that last statement, true! Just like Capcom.

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Helghast Slayer3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Wow wow wow. Yakuza just destroyed Star Ocean's short lived victory lol. The ps3 is simply kicking a$$ and taking names. It has gotten to the point where no matter what M$ releases for the 360, the ps3 has something of a higher caliber to destroy it and take the cake.

The 360's days are numbered people. The plethora great news for the past month for the ps3 has been nothing short of spectacular with no signs of slowing down. I think i speak to most(non-bot)people when i say PS3 FTMFW.

Foxgod3522d ago

and in other news, in feb the 360 outsold the ps3 2:1 in the usa.

Usa = 5 x bigger market then japan.

BLUR1113522d ago

the droids think they all live in japan

Foxgod3522d ago

Lol true, and they think Japan = the world.

Aquanox3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Funny enough, how Sony boys automatically forget the "superior marketshare" factor they complain about all the time when NPD Software numbers are released.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3522d ago

Oh well, if they want to DIE ;-D like the xBox 360 will, then stick with Micro$oft!!! ;-D

@Helghast Slayer ;) Yes, 'PS3 FTMFW'!!! ;-P
(I just worked out what the 'MF' was!!!) ;-D
+ I hope 'Yakuza 3' sold LOADS of PS3's to, this week;)

IzKyD13313522d ago

The bots have forgotten that Star Ocean 4 sold 160K in a week, while this sold 230K in a DAY

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Omega43522d ago

Not bad but expected more considering the PS3 install base, that attach rate is nothing compared to the 360 and SO4s

Strange how the Halo Wars LE is selling more than the standard addition and thats not just in Japan either it seems like that everywhere, MS will likely make loads of $$$ of that game

PotNoodle3522d ago

What you need to remember is that in japan, most of these people bought 360's for those few JRPG's they have been bringing out, so ofcourse they are going to buy them straight away.

Foxgod3522d ago

japan is indeed buying the 360 for rpg's, but isnt Yakuza a huge hit in Japan ?
Even thought the number are impressive, the attach rate on the other hand isnt.

vasilisk3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

The Star Ocean franchise is a big hit in Japan, Yakuza on the other hand wasn't up until now.

Yakuza 1 First WEEK= 130k
Yakuza 2 First WEEK = 281k
Yakuza 3 First DAY = 232k

Considering that the other ones were on PS2 we cal all understand the significance of these numbers. Also these number do not include the Yakuza 3 bundles, famitsu never takes them into account.

@jahcure below. You are 100% right, bubbles

jahcure3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I didn't know Software companies made money on attach rates? To me 232k is more than 130k. If i made games and ps3 sold 5 billion consoles and i sold 500k copies of my game, while the 360 sold 100k consoles and i got 130k sold which is more copies than consoles...who made me more money?

Do i go on touting that hey my game sold more than consoles...

This is the point i think the other guys are making with SO4. Attach rate is great but SE is still in a hole. Attach rates won't provide profit for the company. Only gives us forum analyst with no idea of what's going on, something to talk about.

SE directors and investors can't be looking at SO4's numbers and be happy after they see Yakuza's numbers... furthermore last time i checked SO4 wasn't doing good in the US either...where it's the "bigger" gaming market...heck no one's even taking the time of day to even review the game.

Pennywise3522d ago

Vasilik just owned you all. Do people really expect every single person buying a game to buy it on its first day of release. Lets hold off to see a full week of sales before we go jumping to conclusion as usual.

3522d ago
Baka-akaB3522d ago

People should just drop the install base thing ... like said above , PS2 ad the biggest install base ever , and yet that serie , along many others didnt perform any better .

Foxgod3522d ago


yeah why not, afterall everybody expects that SO4 wont sell anything anymore next week.

Pennywise3522d ago

foxgod, Is there ever a time in life that you talk and actually make sense?

3522d ago
Foxgod3522d ago


Yep, but only when theres smart people around.

3522d ago
UnwanteDreamz3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Yep cause smart people are better at interacting with children. Why can't we just leave the sales BS alone. Guess how much Shadow of the Colossus sold on week one in the US.......79,413. Do you need more proof that sales have nothing to do with good games.

thereapersson3522d ago

Knock it off, you're making us all dizzy!

Argento-Nox3522d ago


If your going by attach rates, then pretty much every 360 fanboy can STFU with regards to most multi-platform games that have a better attach rate on the PS3, like GTA4, DMC4, SF4 and no doubt even RE5 due to be released soon.

Here I thought, the most important thing to 360 fans were sales numbers like GeOW2, Fables 2, yet now attach ratio is status quo? A sword cuts both ways, and regardless of how you look at it, there's no denying that Yakuza 3 did well for an exclusive.

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Superduper093522d ago

I hope they will release Yakuza 3 in US & Europe.

TheTwelve3522d ago

Of course they will.

Meanwhile, 232K on the first day is fantastic.


kazuma3522d ago

indeed they should, i SO need this game

mgsfan553522d ago

Sub it and bring it over here SEGA!