'World of Warcraft is as addictive as cocaine': report

The Local writes: "The computer game World of Warcraft is the most dangerous game on the market with a high risk of addiction, according to a new report from a Swedish youth organization."

Old_School_Gamer5319d ago

Theyve obviously never done cocaine before. LOL.

mirroredderorrim5319d ago

Why not think of this as the biggest crack party in history? Warcrack!
10 million crackheads strong, at least!


ps3d05319d ago

old school you telling us you done both wow and crack ?

AuToFiRE5319d ago

I have to agree with them.. it is.. i still have "cravings" for WoW, i had to stop playing it

SullyDrake5319d ago

I'm far more addicted to Trophies, personally, as far as gaming addictions go.

Bonsai12145319d ago

i've never had cocaine, but i know wow is really addicting. a couple years ago, my cousin let me make a character on his account over christmas break.. i did nothing but play the game all break. haha. there's always something to do, somewhere to go. thats the case for most mmo's, but WC does it exceptionally well.

Montrealien5319d ago (Edited 5319d ago )

just like anything you have to have self control. Addiction is a disease, and if you have it, things like Cocaine, Burgers, Booze, Heroin, Pot, or even games like wow, would not be good for you.

If you don`t understand this, then your knee jerk, e-peen remarks to stories like this are useless.

Edit: The (I had a cousin/roommate/friend/brother of a cousin) stories everytime wow is talked about is getting old guys. You could do the same with drugs, chocolatem, sex, money, booze, raves, internet, orange juice, Magic cards, movies, hoookers...and the list goes on and on and on.

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The_Truth5319d ago

The Truth agrees with The Local

Gun_Senshi5319d ago

lol its also a bad game actually XD

Wowheads FTL. The amount tops 11mil. Thats more then Potheads!

Montrealien5319d ago

yeah, thinking that there are less then 11 million (pot heads) in tghe world is FTL.

And it aint a bad game, there is a reason it`s one of the highest rated, most played mmo`s in history, and it is not because it is bad.

Gun_Senshi5319d ago

We here all know you sniff powder soap and pretend its cocaine because you cannot even afford anything.

Foxgod5319d ago

no, drugs are for losers.
You just defended drugs, so you must be a loser.

BMS845319d ago

I ve done Coca a few times , it's very addictive.. Don't start

DelbertGrady5319d ago (Edited 5319d ago )

It all depends on how you use it. If you drink alcohol every day you become an alcoholic. Do drugs every day and you become a drug addict. WoW every day and you probably become a WoW addict.

An addiction comes from abusing something. Just like with alcohol and WoW, you can do drugs like cocaine without becoming an addict.

Some drugs are exceptions of course, like heroin, meth or crack cocaine.