IncGamers Hot Mods 27/02: Quake III Arena

IncGamers' latest edition of Hot Mods looks at Quake III Arena, a timely piece with the recent announcement of Quake Live going into beta.

Spanner Spencer writes:
"Quake III Arena did away with the single player campaign, which elevated its use to only the most extravagant and tech savvy player – not the kind of elite club we could join with our top of the range 28.8KB modems. And to achieve this strange concept of multiplayer only action, the rest of the game was almost stripped bare to cope with the weight of interaction (quite literally when id made the source available for free in 2005, minus all its textures)."

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Dorjan3547d ago

FPS are always top games to mod!

Leord3547d ago

Beta. Finally. that took a while =D

Fyzzu3547d ago

Oh, Quake III! The happy days I spent with you! Some awesome stuff in that article.

Maticus3547d ago

Quake is still an awesome game, long may it live I say.

AndyA3547d ago

Nice article. Might have to give this Quake Live thing a try, I'm feeling all nostalgic now.

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