WoW PTR 3.1 Equipment Manager Interface

World of Warcraft's Patch 3.1, currently on the Public Test Realms, has introduced the Gear Management system, a feature that allows players to swap armor, weapons, jewellery and trinkets at the touch of a button.

The Gear Management system is probably the most anticipated feature being tested on the PTRs besides the new Dual Talent spec feature. There are already player-made addons for WoW that manage players' gear but this new system will be integrated into the client, freeing up valuable memory.

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Leord3617d ago

Oooooh, an in-game ItemRack! =D

Maticus3617d ago

Yup, and none of the memory space, woot!

Terrice3617d ago

That's good, I loved ItemRack, cool to have it in the UI

Dmitry Orlov3617d ago

I remember using ItemRack since AQ40 - it was so long ago...

Fyzzu3617d ago

No more Outfitter then? I do like that Blizz keep adding in bits and pieces that the community creates.

Leord3617d ago

I think it's a good thing, actually. So that you don't have to be a genious in finding UIs just to have a great time in the game!

Maticus3617d ago

Please let Quest Helper be the next to get the Blizz treatment! Although I'm sure they'll never do that lol. And anyway, I still use SCT instead of the in-game version because it's a lot better, I'm sure people will continue to use ItemRack and Wardrobe after this.

Maticus3617d ago

I'm so glad Blizzard have built this into the game at last! One more addon I can get rid of.

thetamer3617d ago

Really interesting. I'm sure WoW players have been banging on about this for some time, and gear managment is something the game was crying out for.

Leord3617d ago

Well, you could GET it form addons, but I guess you are right that it kind of did need some sot of in-house management feature, yeah...

Dorjan3617d ago

Wow, WoW didn't have this before?

Maticus3617d ago

Yeah we could all make macros to do this before, but this new system will be a lot easier.

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