Street Fighter IV PC coming this summer

The PC version of stupendous fighting game Street Fighter IV will be released this summer, Capcom has confirmed to

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Tony P3521d ago

Summer? Great. :/

Luckily, I went for the console version because I've personally had the WORST support ever with Japan-made PC games. Just make sure you can patch the thing, Capcom. I don't want to be dealing with the same glitches months after release if I do buy it.

Raf1k13521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

actually, i like the idea of being able to play sf4 at uni with mates.

in our uni there a quite a few people who even carry x360 controllers to play games on their laptops with

it'd be great for killin time. especially when we have hours to kill before the next lecture/seminar/tutorial

likeaboss3023521d ago

Great after anyone who really wanted it will have bought it on 360 or PS3. Then they'll complain PC sales are poor and blame pirates.

3sq3521d ago

Hope they will update/fix the crappy animated cutscenes for the PC version.

Kami3521d ago

F yeah
keyboard over anything.