Haemimont Games: We are looking into console versions of Grand Ages: ROME, Xbox 360 best suited

In an interview with Haemimont Games, Strategy Informer learned that the company is looking at the possibility of porting its upcoming Grand Ages: ROME to consoles, although it suggested that the Xbox 360 would be best suited for this style of game.

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Capt CHAOS3519d ago

I hope they pull it off, I think Halo Wars might show the RTS community how to implement a good control mechanism for a console controller.

JamieReleases3519d ago

Indeed, perhaps we'll start seeing more RTS on consoles, but would be a good thing for PC gaming?

Foxgod3518d ago

Best suited because of the fanbase, or because of the specs ?

Anon19743518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

...360 owners bought rts games. Given the success of Pixel Junk Monsters on the PS3 it looks like the PS3 has a more strategy friendly fanbase. Mind you, I just checked and the attach rates for Civilization was equal between the 360 and PS3 version, so you might as well go for the 360 version. Sell a couple more copies while it still has a slight advantage in installed units.

Either way, it's a console rts game. Tried em, don't like em. I'll pass either way.

peeps3518d ago

They would probably choose the 360 with the hope of new rts fans (from halo wars) would give it a go.

personally i'd just buy it for pc regardless, and thats if this particular rts even interests me (and atm i haven't really looked into it)