Controversial Command & Conquer Generals Level Now Available

In celebration of the sixth anniversary of the award-winning Real-Time Strategy classic Command & Conquer Generals, EA Los Angeles today released an exclusive gift to the Command & Conquer fans-- the lost mission of Command & Conquer Generals.

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bonesmccoy3522d ago

Doesn't the final GLA mission involve starting a riot, and then gassing all the rioteers?

JD_Shadow3522d ago

So...what was the reasons behind removing it in the first place? Was hoping they mentioned that somewhere in the article (for those unfamiliar with any of this), but they never mentioned the reasons for the controversy and removal.

Samer3053522d ago

They said toxin tractors but that does not make any sense at all because you can play with that tractor in all of the modes of the game.

IdleLeeSiuLung3522d ago

I think it is the idea of exterminating a village or city or whatever with toxins....

Samer3053522d ago

My favorite command and conquer game. I might have to try this level out. Might get me back into it.