Gamedibs: Skate 2 Review

Gamedibs writes: "2007's Skate was, by no exaggeration, groundbreaking. EA's decision to compete with the mega-successful Tony Hawk franchise wasn't all that surprising, but the method in which they chose to enter the fray. Rather than mimic Activision's powerhouse, they instead chose to take a more realistic approach. There would be no tailslides across power lines, vert sessions at Area 51, or 1080 degree spins above the stage at a KISS concert. Instead, Skate kept itself grounded in reality. Much like EA's recent Fight Night and NHL titles, tricks were preformed primarily with the right analog stick. Suddenly, hardflips were, you know, actually hard. This take on the skateboarding genre was a hit, driving gamers away from the musty smelling Tony Hawk. Skate was so successful in fact that Activision finally decided to go back to the drawing board to find a way for Tony Hawk compete with the new kid on the block."

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