A Secret Weapon For The PS3?

A story on MegaGames.com is suggesting that an Eye-Toy like innovation may be Sony's secret weapon for the PS3. In a time when everyone is heaping praise, and rightly so, on Nintendo for innovating and daring to be alternative, many have forgotten that Sony has a proven record of fresh ideas including the introduction of Eye Toy which all of its rivals will be using in some shape or form in their new consoles. This news seems to tie-in well with the Sony's innovative side and with the idea that the Japanese giant had to have an ace somewhere up its sleeve.

Megagames.com's source ( which megagames.com claim is very reliable) says Sony will have a PS3 peripheral which will recognize a user and his entire environment as well as his movements and will incorporate them into useful, in-console actions. The device includes a sensor, which sees a user (including their complete surroundings), and a digital component, or "brain" which learns and understands user movement within those surroundings.

The device can see, track and react to user movements outside the computer, all without change of environment or wearable equipment for the end user. The closed device is plug and play and platform independent. The applications of this tech to gaming are obvious and if this story is proved right, Sony may yet manage to steal Nintendo's thunder in this generation of the console wars.
The source says that the add-on will be available for the PS3 on the console's global release in mid November while Logitech will come up with a PC version a few months later. Additionally the Department of Defense, has expressed an interest in the technology although that is unlikely to affect the PS3 version of the hardware.

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DC RID3R6545d ago

sounds wicked, pity there's no rumble tho!!

Shadow Flare6544d ago (Edited 6544d ago )

The wii may have that great motion sensing controller, but from what i understand of this article, the new eyetoy will be able to sense the players movements and incorporate it in the game, ie. having the same result as the wii

So in theory, the wii and ps3 has exactly the same motion sensing capabilities, but with a ps3, you wouldn't need a controller to detect your motions, an eyetoy camera would be recognising them. No controllers would be used, just the freeness of your body. How freakin cool is that

This is also better cos sony isnt stuck with a controller that prevents them from having serious games on their system (wii).

The playstation has a normal controller (with basic motion capabilities added) and it also has the new eyetoy to do exactly what the wii can do, but with no controllers

Thats why this article describes it as the ps3's secret weapon and why it says it may have stolen nintendo's thunder. And nothing copied here people, the original eyetoy was developed before any nintendo motion controllers and the 360 camera is such a blatent copy of the eyetoy anyway...it just cant do what this new version does

this sounds...so good

bernie6545d ago

I've already got an Eyetoy, give me another reason to spend $600.

Shadow Flare6544d ago

and whats your point?

i have an old xbox. Thats why i havent bought the new 360, cos there's not much difference in them at all


Wotbot6544d ago

i have an old PS2. Thats why im not bnuying a PS3, cos there's not much difference in them at all.


The idea of your comment was to say something stupid, right?

Shadow Flare6543d ago (Edited 6543d ago )


-uses dvds
-had no hard drive
-had crap online


-uses blu-ray
-uses powerful cell chip
-has 60gb Hard drive
-has FREE "LIVE" like online
-integrates with psp
-has motion controller
-has HDMI 1.3 port
-allows e-distrubution of games


-online gaming
-hard drive
-uses dvd


-online gaming
-hard drive (with $400 model only)
-uses dvd

yeah, my comment was meant to make him look stupid

CardboardGun6545d ago

Please, read the whole article Bernie.. If this is proven to be true, this actually might be Sony's key to hold their throne as industry leaders. I can't wait!

bernie6545d ago

Oh, right it's like the Gesture Recognition feature on the Xbox360's camera, cool. That means all three systems will be able to do it, wow we'll all be jumping around like idiots in our living rooms :)

Aflac6545d ago

clearly, theyr copying the 360 cameras features! stupid pu$$ys! y don't they ever think somthin up on their own instead of copying?!

amrasmord6545d ago

what about the 360 camera? where did they get their idea from? from the eyetoy manual?

Aflac6545d ago (Edited 6545d ago )

sony is just copying these different uses of the 360 camera, read comment 6

shotty6545d ago

Well the eyetoy was copied off PC webcams so whats your point. 95% of PC run windows so nobody copied nobody.

Shadow Flare6544d ago (Edited 6544d ago )

a webcam is just a camera. It just displays on the monitor what it sees

The eyetoy incorporates what it sees into the game and allows what it sees to interact with the game

As far as your logic goes, i might aswell state that the webcam copied freakin tv cameras

DG6544d ago

Plus sony annouced this before E3 of 2005. Damn stop hating.

MySwordIsHeavenly6544d ago

dude...the 360 camera is just another eyetoy.

How can you guys say Sony copied anyone? They had the patent on motion-sensing technology AND this camera design NINE freakin' years ago!
Get a PS3 because the 360 bites...it will eventually die. The wii will be VERY strong at the beginning, but die due to lack of third-party support. We're going to win...

360 kids - stay on your forums

Droidbro6542d ago

The eye toy is a camera, the 360 is a camera. Is 360 not allowed to have a camera of any sort because some one else already did it? Hello! The whole industry is built from "stealing" ideas.