Yakuza 3 : new pictures

The large Playstation 3 exclusive Yakuza 3 has a wide range of images that will delight the retinas of many players. Available since yesterday on the Japanese archipelago, the publisher Sega hopes raking further than the pool of fans already acquired

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thereapersson3519d ago

And yet they're busy giving old arcade re-releases to XBLA over here. I wish they had their priorities in order...

Cartesian3D3519d ago

I love this game.. but Im curious WHY they didnt make this Huge game in both english and japanese .. even with horrible english voice acting it will be a hit..

yakuza is one of the best playstation exclusives ever(just play Yakuza 2 and see what Im sayin) . and Im sure with good marketing it will be a multi million seller , because it has potential (gameplay,story,graphics,produ ction value..etc)