Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Sets New Sales Record

Already owner of the biggest entertainment launch in history, the "Grand Theft Auto IV" franchise continues its rampage on the record books with the Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable episode, "The Lost and Damned." The highest reviewed downloadable content ever from Rockstar Games eclipsed first-day revenue for all previous downloadable content on Xbox LIVE.

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NOOBSTATION 33520d ago

havent you been saying nobody is gonna buy it because everyone sold his copy already?
well well, obviously not. but then again the fony girls were claiming the ps3 blablabla in 2007, the ps3 blablabla in 2008 and the ps3 blablabla in 2009.

arent you girls starting to be embarassed that every single prediciton turns out to be hot air? just like the pos3 itselfs.

ps3= PrettySad3rd

360RRODFIX3520d ago

enjoy your exclusive DLC, thats only exclusive you will get this year. Exclusive DLCs lol

Foxgod3520d ago

enjoy your shooter you jelous lamers, if your nice you might get another shooter for your ps3 this year.
But thats all you get, killzone and uncharted.

Fishy Fingers3520d ago

"But thats all you get, killzone and uncharted. "

Ha, Id happily buy a console for those games alone. Just like a baught a 360 for Halo and Gears.

But then I still own about 15 games for each....

talltony3520d ago

How can you say that sony hasnt come a long way? look at the games out and coming out. So many new ips are gonna be announced for ps3 that no one has ever heard of yet. And by the way I have more fun than you cause I get to play all great games and even exclusive dlc like this, you know why? Cause I own both consoles! I can easily see that ps3 has the better games than 360, why cant you open your eyes and see that.? You are obviously not a gamer. with your logic MGS4, killzone 2, warhawk, motorstorm 2, uncharted, LBP all suck. And you probably think that God of war 3 and uncharted 2 will suck also. Come on man stop being a fanboy just stop it!

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well good for them. just goes to show it may have been worth it after all.

and everyone thought no body would care about it.

i have to say personally i am really loving it, way more then the original gta 4 game.

i like the changes, and i seem to be paying more attention to the details in the city. i think its worth it for sure and its cool the way they tie the story into Niko's at some points.

loving it.

lalalala3520d ago

I hate when companies do this, they say it broke records whatever but never post the actual sales data.

Man up and post the damn numbers.

jadenkorri3520d ago

oh well broke sles record...reading article. kept reading, read again...WTF no numbers.... very bad article to claim you beat sales record when no proof, be like me writing an article about killzone 2 have record sales, and not mention the actual numbers.

Elven63519d ago

Should be noted Call of Duty 4 sold 1 million maps in 24 hours on Xbox Live, that's about $10 million, not sure what the record is although I think because of COD 4 it's safe to assume it is above $10 million.

MiloGarret3519d ago

Keep in mind the cost of lost and damned... I think it costs 20$.

And, no one seemed to care about it? No, no one seemed to care about it on n4g, which is a big difference from everyone...

I actually don't care however, hate GTA.

Elven63519d ago

Yea regardless of units sold it will still have to be above $10 million in revenue since thats the number we currently have to work with since Activision and Microsoft touted it when it had happened early last year.

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Foxgod3520d ago

i am curious how much times it was downloaded.
On topic, i expected this to be a succes, hopefully this will set the first step to "real" dlc for other games too.

Kushan3520d ago

Now, make it standalone and see what happens!

timmyrulz3520d ago

That was a nice evenly balanced open comment there showing absolutley no favoritism and full of decorum lol

i reckon that anyone who's into gaming would want this peice of DLC, no matter how much you try and deny it