Call of Duty 4: Double XP Is A Go

Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward wrote the following on his Twitter:

"This week is DRAGGING by! I can't wait any longer! Turning Double XP on NOW, and just added the Hardcore Headquarters playlist. Jump in."

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jammy_703522d ago

to keep players off killzone 2

and no way wud anybody do that...

legendkilla3522d ago

too late as far as im conserned. IW no patch for rumble?? you gotta be kidding me!!!! Killzone 2 is going to keep be busy for months too come :)

goflyakite3522d ago

I'm already 10th Prestige so XP means nothing.
Sorry I'll be with KZ2 tonight, and the night after, etc.

SAiOSiN3522d ago

me and my buddies were playing hardcore headquarters after raping in hardcore search. dude that was the worst thing possible to add in. it's so annoying and chaotic.

JustinSaneV23522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Indeed. All the skilled players just sit back and pick off the pawns that go rushing for the HQ. It may as well be called Hardcore Duck Shooting Gallery.

Socomer 19793522d ago

as a matter of fact im trading cod4 in.
my plans for this weekend is Kizzy 2, mgo, socom, motorstorm pr.
i doubt i'll even get a chance off kizzy.

Bye bye cod4. it was a great run.