Heroes + Villains: WildStorm Advisory

Some might argue DC Comics' WildStorm imprint has seen better days. Home to a more mature brand of superhero seen in titles like "The Authority," "Planetary" and "The Boys," WildStorm fostered talents destined to later become superstars -- like Bryan Hitch, Mark Millar and John Cassaday. A lot of those creators bolted for various reasons, though, and the superhero component of the WildStorm brand isn't quite as strong as it once was.

What's taking the place of those books has been an ever-expanding slate of comics tying into high-profile AAA game releases. That strategy's been paying off dividends so far, as it's reported that the first issue of the "Gears of War" comic sold around 450,000 copies. That's a staggering number for modern-day comic sales. Hank Kanalz, vice president and general manager of WildStorm, answered some questions about the line's current game-centric focus.

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