Gears of War takes best game at GDC 07

At tonight's Game Developers Choice Awards, Epic Games' Gears of War took home three awards: best technology, visual arts, and the coveted Game of the Year award. On the independent side of things, Bit Blot's Aquaria won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize from the Independent Games Festival.

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FeralPhoenix4634d ago

WOW, thats great for a game that I have thoroughly enjoyed so much, mainly I'm playing Crackdown right now but I do like to pick up Gears every now and then so I can get "owned" by some 12 yr old -oh did I say I liked that? -NO! I hate it, but hey I love the game so it just fun to play. Gears kicks @ss.....but would it be blasphemy to ask when we could expect Gears 2, and what things you guys would like to see in the sequel?

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4633d ago

game, say 30-40 hours of Locust kill'en goodness! Upgradeable weapons and armor. More commands, 60fpm etc... Kudos to Epic.

DC RID3R4634d ago

hey phoenix!!

personally, I'd like epic to hit the red-line with 60fps, coupled with a few extra levels (sp), a few new characters, and possibly some character customization would be pretty cool :]

FeralPhoenix4633d ago

No doubt, I think Gears 2 should be at least another 2 hrs. that would go along way and tell a little more story about this "war"....and yeah charachter custimization would definitely be cool too, but Bro 60fps would be sick with all that action...I think it would be hard, but the 360 can do it, so I'm with you on that one too -now if they could do that with those graphics and very "little" framerate issues -jeez now that would be one hell of an accomplishment. I'm sure they are going to modify the weapons in the game and bring some more great weapons in Gears 2, I just hope they will keep them balanced but I know one thing they better not f-k with MY chainsaw...say what you want but that weapon is "vintage", I will always remember Gears for that weapon, thats right you heard me Epic "don't change/modify MY chainsaw....its perfect so just leave it alone.... ha, ha I will be like 65 telling my grandkids they don't know sh!t about videogames, "who needs holograms!"..... "I remember the good old days when......." -oh sorry, I tend to ramble but anyway yeah I'm interested to hear more about some things those who love Gears would like to see. End.

THAMMER14633d ago

I only want the story line before Marcus went to jail maybe 2 -3 chapters, than a jusmp to present after killing general Raam. Match macking would be tops and more destrucable invionments. If they do too much it mite kill it some.

DC RID3R4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

pound for pound is STILL the "Baddest Game On The Planet" right now, no question, no afterthought.

Not even the hardest(or softest) SDF would DARE disagree *no trolling*.

Epic definitely deserve these latest (how many is it now 9-10 awards?) accolades. They PROMISED and DELIVERED.

Myself and others have always had faith in GEARS, as cliffy b and the team don't talk bullsh*t, and shoot-straight.

To describe EPIC, I'll use a quote from Bounty Killer:

"Real Bad Man DEM"

power0919994633d ago

This game just does not stop. If only all developers took the ball and ran with it like Gears did.

I did enjoy Gears, but I have to say it was WAY too short.

However I never had the opportunity to enjoy the online portion of the game.

THAMMER14633d ago

It took me like 2 weeks. I can beat it on hard core in like 6 hours if I go hard.

original seed4633d ago

After playing on live anything less than Insane is too easy.

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The story is too old to be commented.