Gamespot:Killzone 2 Review

Killzone 2 boasts amazing visuals, an intense campaign, and extraordinary online play that will keep you coming back for more.

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tocrazed4you3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )


KingDizzi3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

For many the fight has already begun, for once it is good to be in the EU for game releases!

sonarus3573d ago

I can't wait to get into that online...haters be damned. Kilzone 2 has come a long way from weak A.I. to mediocre gameplay to undisputed contender for fps of 2009

Violater3573d ago

Hey Sonarus that's my line
but you are right haters be damned

3573d ago
sonarus3573d ago

lol been saying haters be damned since last yr

cartman3133573d ago

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Can't wait!!! Good thing I have tomorrow off!!

gambare3573d ago

Gamespot got killzowned

damn.. I'll have to wait for my copy tomorrow :(

4Sh0w3573d ago

That was a great review. Tommorrow I'll finally get to play this beast for myself.

Bathyj3573d ago

Even Gamespot is kicking Helg-arse!

Sevir043573d ago

because i wont be able to pick it up my Gamestop said that the game is sold out on pre orders alone so if a purchaser of the pre order doesnt get in at some point tomorrow it'll go to the next happy buyer. and i'll be having a late day so. I'll have to get it tonight and submerse myself in all it's glory

as for Sonarus and Violater, heh I'm taking you both to school. so stand fast. ^^

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legendkilla3573d ago

10am can't get here soon enough!

McMee3573d ago

9.0 seems like it should be the minimum score for KZ2 especially after being praised like that im just tired of this being called the undisputed technical achievement of this generation and then being docked 1-3 points for just having very solid and fun gameplay as opposed to revolutionising how we play the FPS genre. we'll see if damnation gets better scores for its incredibly innovative vertical gameplay /sarcasm. I mean doesn't perfection count for anything. Anyway cant wait till tomorrow though man its finally here KZ2 time!!!!!!!!

y0haN3572d ago

So many Americans are moaning that Europeans are getting it first, when 90% of the good games are made in Europe anyways.

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Bloodwar3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I only bought my PS3 a couple of days ago and I already have 6 games for it and 8 blue rays. Damn you, Sony for making such a kickazz console. Thanks! =) Since I am a huge online console gamer on the 360, I hope that my online experience with the PS3 will be lacking too much immaturity and be as fun as XBL. So far, I don't have any gripes about my online experience with the PS3. Lets keep it that way. Lets game on! Hopefully I can be on KZ2 sometime this weekend if I am not playing Resistance 1 or 2. hehe

INehalemEXI3572d ago

I pinch myself ...mere hours till I can pick it up. CA here.

jammy_703572d ago

but still a great score...

Jamegohanssj53572d ago

Wait huh? Gasp! Gamespot gave Killzone 2 a 9? The world is about to end.


edgeofblade3572d ago

It's good you say haters be damned. But we all know, some people's experience is some how diminished when people disagree with them.

It's a damn fine looking game. You won't find me disagreeing with that. And if you think the game play is up to snuff, that's great too. But I don't think the actual gameplay is all that different from what we have seen before. I might be alright with that if the controls didn't feel awkward in my hands.

But even this backhanded comment shouldn't change how much you like the game, no matter how backhanded it is.

Shepherd 2143572d ago

this game is overrated it has amazing graphics only everything else is just pretty good otherwise all reviewers would be slamming 10's all over the place, Halo 3, Resisntance 2, and Gears 2 all scored higher on Gamespot and IGN.

XLiveGamer3572d ago

Before you complain and disagreee read this >>> I already played the game and yes have some awesome graphics but i was asking my self ¿Why they make your character move and handle so slow? then it hit me.

The game have great graphics but thats it. The rest its more of the same. Its another classic Action 1st Person Shooter You shoot, they shoot you back, you resist a good amount of bullets, you bleed and the screen start looking like the windshield of your car then a wiper clean the blood. Just the clasic already boring FPS experience.

(Warning before you complain almost everybody of PS3 fans have been posting PRO KZ2 comments on none related KZ2 News)

Now on the other hand Operation Flashpoint 2 and A.R.M.A. 2 are going to bring a lot of stuff to the FPS War game genre like anyother FPS title before. The other well known and respected 1st person shooters are going to be a thing of the past. But i know that you KZ2 fan boy are afraid that any of those game win the 1st person shooter of the year award. CoD MW2 can steal the thunder of KZ2 but not the one from Operation Flashpoint 2 & A.R.M.A. 2. By the way kids The US ARMY and UK Military Service use those games like a tool on their trainning. Thats how real it is.

Like i have been saying before and only a wise person can understand this: Fear its going to be your ally on the battlefield in Operation Flashpoint 2 and A.R.M.A. 2.

Its good to be a gamer and not a blinded brainwashed console fanboy.

Blitzed3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

You say you've already played the game yet 12 hours ago you wrote-

"I am not getting a KZ2 copy and i am not a hater."

Of course you're not getting it, because you don't have a PS3, as 7 days ago you wrote "yes in the future but not this year im going to buy me a PS3."

Man that comment history tab sucks eh? Nearly every one of your comments bash the PS3 (or hype Operation Flashpoint2). I hate to break it to you but you are a "blinded brainwashed console fanboy."

Another day, another new trolling account trying to knock KZ2 down a peg. What do you guys really hope to accomplish?

Mindsucker3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Ok buddy with a name like "XLiveGamer" you actually have the nerve to say anything about being brain washed.

Any way this game is great all the way around.
Great Physics
Great Visuals
Great gameplay
Great Multiplayer

All Fanboys be damned quit ruining the real games and posing as real gamers.

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BattleAxe3572d ago

While XBOX 360 Fanboys are playing N4G.COM on their PCs tonight, I'll be playing Killzone 2.

Now remember, if you don't own a copy of killzone 2, then you must not be a true gamer............

Buttons3572d ago

The only games he's rated higher than 9.0 are MGS4 (10) and Resident Evil 4 Wii (9.1)

PS3istheshit3572d ago

the online is so much fun
when i think of call of duty it feels kinda old and stuff but killzone 2 is so fresh and killing sum1 online and hearing te beep noise wen they die is awesome
i can listen 2 that noise forever
and it funny wen they r down and have 8 seconds and i jus shoot em in the head with a pistol
im jus starting story mode and its gonna b awesome
im gonna b away from all my games cuz killzone 2 is jus too much good in one game

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KingDizzi3573d ago

Great score for a great game, yes I have the game and it is amazing!

KingDizzi3573d ago

This will indeed be a AAA title, all the major reviews are in and the game is over 90%.

Jager3573d ago

finally lol, been wondering when GS would release their review.

phosphor1123573d ago

They said they were waiting to test out the MP because all other reviewers only played MP for a few hours, since no official servers were up.

Goon 1873573d ago

If a game is scoring 9's and 10's from 50 different sites, You know that it must be a kick a$$ game, no doubt

JOEdANGEL3573d ago

Same was true of Gta 4 yet many on n4g apparently didn't like it. On topic though, this game looks awesome and I can't wait to play it.

3572d ago
evrfighter3572d ago

Ive seen the vids...It's a nice looking console shooter. But I'll ask a question I've been asking with no replies so far. How is it setting a new bar in fps gaming? Surely your answer won't be "it looks purty and you can hide behind stuff" right?

I want to love this game like the rest of you and buy a ps3 for it and my new hdtv. But it just looks like another fps shooter to me. This is the same reason I never bought Halo. It really set no bar in fps gaming as I was online gaming on the pc long before Halo 1 was released.

Sitdown3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I never termed GTAIV/Halo 3 as garbage.....nice spin though. What ever makes you sleep better at night. Anyhow....enjoy the game. If I can grab a rental copy, I will see you all online.

Be careful with that radical thinking. I poised a similiar question...and stated that between COD4/Halo3/Gears2 that the demo did not show me enough to make me feel like I needed to add KZ to my collection. And that is not because KZ 2 is bad....its just a matter of it being released later than the other titles, and me feeling like it did not separate itself enough to warrant me dropping $50 on it.

nycredude3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Just buy it or rent it. I bought it at a mom and pops in nyc yesterday that broker the street date and let me tell you, after you get pass the initial learning curve with the controls this game is on point. The cover system is great and must be used to survive. While it feels a bit like COD4 (Probably because the default weapon) the gameplay is nothing like those three games you mentioned. The online is gansta also. Graphics don't change at all for the online and the badge system, ribbon system and the ranking system is much deeper than other fps game, it's almost like a fps RPG! Really on point game! Give it a try instead of doubter and you will find a beast of a game! I forgot to mention the offline and online bots! You won't even tell if they are human or not.

Add me too anyone: PSN: NYCREDUDE

Sitdown3572d ago

Yeah...I am going to try and rent it today. I hate that I missed the beta...cause multiplayer is what I am really interested in, and wanted to try out. I have started limiting my game purchases to games that have great online components...rather than buying games that I can just rent a beat in a day, that have little to no replay value.

REPLOID243572d ago

And from non other than Gamespot. Maybe the are turning a new leaf, yo.

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