The Top 100 PS2 Games (Complete List) completes its epic list of the top 100 PS2 games off all time. Will your favorites get featured? Read on to see for yourself.

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cain1413520d ago

So many good games on the PS2

RKRigney3520d ago

Agreed. Best console ever, IMO.

Steveoreno3520d ago

PS2 was great! Still is... But, must we forget what started the Playstation? PS1?

BTW, I didn't think that Metal Gear Solid 2 had "RIDICULOUS VOICE ACTING"

RKRigney3520d ago

To you, good sir, I say "METAL GEAR!" It sounds like Snake is blowing his load every time he talks. Fact.


snes was pretty ground breaking. shadow of the collusus is #1. how did it get 71

acertainkid1023520d ago

It's in alphabetical order!

RKRigney3520d ago

Wow. It's literally in like size 72 font at the top of the page that the list is in alphabetical order. Epic fail.

MGOelite3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

NVM i didnt read it properly

Nightfallen3520d ago

It states clearly that they are not in typical order. It's all alphabetized.

umair_s513520d ago

it's alphabetically sorted

jc485733520d ago

I have over 100 ps2 games so far. hmmm i should make my list.

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The story is too old to be commented.