Crytek Possibly Working On PS3 Project?

PSU learned earlier today of information that points to a possible project by Crytek for Sony's PS3. While the nature of the project is unknown, evidence suggested that it was specific to PS3.

Crytek has recently been looking to hire Playstation 3 experienced programmers, and further inquiries on the matter went unanswered. We talked to some of the individuals at the Crytek booth, and when we asked if they were working on anything for PS3, the representative smiled and said: "we wish we could answer your questions". His colleague then went on, "we're always working on new things".

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UrbanJabroni4639d ago

...has proven itself to be rubbish over the past couple days.

Beyond that, though, does anyone here doubt that they are working on versions of Crysis for the PS3 and 360? Anyone?

Loudninja4639d ago

Tehre was only ONE mistake, and yet peopel want to cry abotu it, PSN is not rubiish, your posts are useless, WHat abotu the exclsuive on 2 DAys 2 Vegas? Was that useless?No, so please stop bashing other sites because you feel the need act like a fool

Bad_Karma4639d ago

Will be interesting to see ..if its true .

achira4639d ago

i am sure they are working on crisis, but i have personally no need for this game, i want killzone !!!!

GaMr-4639d ago

Alot of mixed messages about Killzone. I would rather vote Crysis. But thats just me. Actually. I would settle for both. ahahaha

Keyser4639d ago

That would be interesting. I think it would be good for gamers if they worked on a PS3 title. I hope it works out.