Japan: 360 Takes the Cake, Wii and PS3 Fight for Crumbs

Media Create Sales: 02/16 - 02/22 (HARDWARE)

DSi - 41,839
PSP - 29,552
Xbox 360 - 25,334
Wii - 16,973
PS3 - 16,149
DS Lite - 9,975
PS2 - 5,029

(This is Media Create data, not Famitsu.)

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PantherLotus3520d ago

It's shocking really.

While its a nice and rare accomplishment, it should be noted that it only outsold it by eight thousand units, when only weeks before the Wii was outselling it by several tens of thousands.

It's an interesting statement on the current economic situation and the momentum that a big RPG in Japan can create.

slayorofgods3520d ago

It'll probably be shortly lived, However wii sales are starting to sink as the ps3 is also closing in on their sales. Things could get interesting in Japan.

Tony P3520d ago

Such a braggadocios title. Good for MS, but really...we'll all feel quite silly once Japan goes back to buying the status quo.

I am actually surprised and pleased that SO boosted the box enough to outsell the other two at all. The series must be more popular in Japan than I thought.

specialguest3520d ago

If you wanna win in Japan, then you'll have to lock down those popular JRPGs. 360 beat Wii in

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GiantEnemyCrab3520d ago

Whoa!! Am I seeing that right? 360 beats both Wii and PS3 for a week?

Now if only they could release a game as popular as Star Ocean every week!!

They still do love their handhelds though.

Argento-Nox3520d ago

Fat chance of that happening, unless the game ends with Nintendo or Sony, more preferably, PSP or NDS. From this point on, 360 can expect to pick up leftover crumbs for the rest of the year.

chasegamez23520d ago

next week
360 will be back in 3rd place

PantherLotus3520d ago

Were you the one that said SO4 would be out of the top 10 next week?

I'm keepin track!

Btw, the data is from Media Create, not Famitsu. Media Create data was just released.

Samer3053520d ago

next week 360 will be back to the bottom. Yakuza 3 will take the ps3 to the #1 spot. I predict SO4 to be in #7 spot next week.

DrWan3520d ago

It would not be surprise for SO4 to drop out of 10, because only 25k of new xboxes, even if they ALL got a copy of SO4 that's only accounting for 25k of the 160k (?) total sales this week. That means 135k of it went to existing X360 users. The first week is always the biggest and then it dies down, and it's safe to say that their sales will be down by alot as majority of the ppl who wants the game has already gotten it (existing users) so their user base has been saturated (the ones that wanted it).

ukilnme3520d ago

Yes it will and all will be well in PS3 Fanland once again. I hope it makes you all feel better.

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Zeus Lee3520d ago

Duplicate story

But please,do approve it =)

PantherLotus3520d ago

That was Dengkei info, this is Media Create as noted in the OP.

2FootYard3520d ago

I can't imagine this lasting too long.

PantherLotus3520d ago

Every time the 360 has gone above 20k in Japan, it has dropped at least 50% the next week. That would put it around 10-12k. It will be interesting to see if this has legs at all.

Next week we'll see the totals from the release of Yakuza 3, which has already sold north of 230k, no doubt creating a big PS3 bounce.

The Wii though? What's going to bring that up?

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