1UP: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

As a franchise prequel, Star Ocean 4 charts mankind's tentative first steps into space as they seek to colonize a new planet after World War III leaves Earth decimated. Much like the rest of the series, it's an unapologetically Japanese-style RPG, the main differences here being terrible pacing and refined combat.

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BLUR1113615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Nasim Of The Year

http://psonline.files.wordp... Now this is funny)

pwnsause3615d ago

whats funny about heavy rain, the game that looks like it stomps the S**t out of Alan Wake, Which has been in development since forever?

BTW according to metacritic, 1ups B-=67


So much for the "last Hope" of the 360.

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Ichiryoka3616d ago

1up gave star ocean 4 a 67 on meta...ummm...that may have been a mistake i dunno, but ummmm its there.

N4PS3G3616d ago

Metacritic handles letter scores very bad

they over score A/A+ reviews with a 100 .. and Down Scores minus -B= 67

HarukoHex3616d ago

it really should be a 80-84, 67 would be a D+

silverchode3616d ago

1up's grading system is weird

Bigbangbing3616d ago

A+ = 10

A = 9.5

A- = 9.0

B+ = 8.5

B = 8.0

B- = 7.5

so .. at least I think it should be 75 on meta.

Sarcasm3615d ago

On Metacritic
A- = 91
A = 100
A+ = 100

Strange exception

But what I think is pretty stupid, is that 1up decided to go with the lettering system to grade games differently instead of numbers. Yet including them in metacritic defeats the whole purpose of the lettering system to begin with.

HarukoHex3615d ago


So I guess a M-O would be a zero in your book, you know I can't even describe how much you fail.

Bigbangbing3615d ago

@ HarukoHex

That what I THINK this type of reviews should be .. I'm not talking about 1up system nor Meta ..

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Unicron3615d ago

I still anxiously await this game if they ever decide to port it.

Why dis3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

1up seems better towards the MSFT/360 I don't visit their site anymore. 1up changed when they were being attacked by PS3 fanboys for exposing PS3 versions of multi platform games and now that 360 fans have left 1up, 1up has been bitter(IGN's relationship with MSFT could be a factor too)

Queers of War3615d ago

stop making excuses.


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