GameSpy: Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Preview

GameSpy writes: "At the end of Lehrich's demo of Eric B. & Rakim's early '90s classic, someone from a different department came into the room, bursting with excitement about what he's seen as he passed the window. I believe, "holy shit; that looks awesome! What is that?" are the words he used. That's when I realized that even if there are segments of rap-dismissive strum bar clackers on one side of the spectrum and gamers with fussy tastes in hip-hop beats on the other, a DJ game can still have plenty of potential. The joy of DJing is rooted in the liberating feeling that comes from physically manipulating music. I'm skeptical that any game developer can distill and package that emotion with today's technology, but this could be a step in the right direction".

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legendkilla3547d ago

they need some dance music!!! ppl still listen to rap?