Sixaxis will only rumble in America? speculates: "Sony is open to releasing a redesigned version of PS3's Sixaxis controller, according to Sony America president Jack Tretton, but it's possible that changes made in the US would not appear elsewhere, as Sony moves to a regional approach to its peripheral production."

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Siesser4636d ago

When he said that, he was alluding more to the concept of releasing a controller with offset analog controls, since many people seem to feel that works better for FPS. I highly doubt that rumble is going to be released in one region and not another; that's just silly.

nanometric4636d ago

especially with the money they payed for it!

MikeGdaGod4636d ago

whatever they do i just hope they hurry up. i'm ready to rumble

Violater4636d ago

BS speculation story's like this that just start a backlash for no reason.

marshman4636d ago

I can take it or leave it. if memory serves i usually turned it off when i could. but that was on games that just annoyed me.

PS360WII4636d ago

but I don't see what the whole hullaballo is all about with the Sixaxis not having it.

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The story is too old to be commented.