OXM: Stoked Review

Fortunately, terrific multiplayer can be that break. Eight players meet up on the mountain and invite each other to events (including races!) that can be started anywhere. OXM's favorite: a cool competition called The Ground Is Lava, where the only way to keep your board from melting is by staying in the air.

They saved the best for last: Stoked is priced at a sweet, sweet $40. So even if a tricks-splosion isn't your personal boarding nirvana, there's enough great stuff in this game that you'd be crazy to not check it out.

* Fantastic slopes and controls.
* Smokes that Shaun White game…and costs $20 less!

* Too much try-fail-repeat gameplay; too little variety.

* Why not display every single slide, grab, and flip in the in-game move list?

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