Xbox LIVE policy and Gamertags/Profiles Redux

Stephen Toulouse, who handles the policy for the Xbox Live service, writes:

"There's been a ton of commentary on a Consumerist post about Theresa, an Xbox member who was suspended (not banned) from Xbox LIVE over expression of her sexual orientation in her profile. I don't know the particulars, because the Consumerist article doesn't give me much to work with from an investigation standpoint. But since most of the commentary has become rather emotionally charged, I wanted to talk about how things work inside Xbox because I think a lot of people are latching on to some kind of "Microsoft sides with homophobes" meme."

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GiantEnemyCrab3521d ago


The whining and "Look at me I'm gay" posts get all sorts of comments but when MS addresses them nobody is around or cares.

Which leads me to believe this is nothing more than another chance to bash MS/Xbox/XBL when in reality most people could care less about this persons original complaint.

My guess is people will continue to ignore the response and call MS homophobic, blah blah blah.