XBox Live, Homophobia, and Online Gaming Policy

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) give their opinions on the recent events on Xbox Live.

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Arsenic133519d ago

Its just plain dumb how writing that your gay, in an area to describe yourself is offensive. Not like its a description of what you and your partner do, its just what you like. If parents didn't shelter their 10 year olds who shouldn't even be playing half the games on live then there wouldn't be such a outcry. Plus the ignorant people who harass gays because they are to stupid to do anything else with their lives. This world is filled with such sad and terrible people.

Oh, gaymers ftw!

003519d ago

get to easily offended these days.

Ghoul3518d ago

its easy to say that when your not living a constant fight against society just because your gay.

please think before saying such things